Hindi-speaking areas are the only hope in the twenty-fourelections forBengal BJP

Abhijit Ray:Panchayat elections are coming up in the state. The Lok Sabha elections will turn around the year. In such a situation, the BJP is unhappy with the organizational situation of the party in Bengal. It is not possible to do well in the minority-affected areas of Bengal. The responsible leaders have clearly understood this. Therefore, the saffron camp is trying to ‘target’ the Hindi-speaking areas without looking at any other way. Within the party, there are fears that the vote bank may collapse in these too.What is the organizational condition of the Bengal BJP in the said areas? How well is it possible to do there, especially in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections? For now, the top central leaders of the party are seeking answers from the state BJP leadership. According to party sources, there has already been a practice within the BJP on the Hindi-speaking main area in Bengal. They are Asansol, Pandaveshwar, Howrah, Rishra, Barabazar, Barrackpore, Jagaddal and Shyampukur.The central BJP leadership is trying to know the organizational status of the Bengal BJP in these areas. Those areas, which fall under the Lok Sabha and Assembly constituencies, have been asked to submit a report if there are MPs or MLAs of the saffron camp. According to party sources, while discussions have started on these eight areas for the time being, the exercise will gradually start in other Hindi-speaking areas as well. However, a section of the party claims that more than 50 per cent of the Hindu votes in almost every area are in favour of the BJP. As a result, there is no reason to worry.”There is no denying that the party’s influence in the Hindi-speaking areas of Bengal has always been high. Like the rest of the country, the BJP in the state is now focusing on strengthening the booth organisation. This will also include booths in Hindi-speaking areas. As a result, we will be able to take all the organizational preparations at the same time. ’