Surprise raids by prison officials 2 mobile found in undertrials barracks

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Panic gripped among the prison officials for sometime when an under trail who was escorted to assistant Superintendent of Prisons chamber to inquire about keeping two mobile phones during surprise inspection by the security officials on Monday morning .

On Tuesday as part of the random checks a team comprising of jailor Prabhu Khandre and his assistant Mohammed Ghouse carried surprise checks at the barracks of central prison of Parappana Agrahara .

While inspecting barrack no 33 at the basement of the hospital ward,the inspection team found two mobile phones,two SIM cards and a charger from under trail prisoner 9080/21 Suresh Kumar .

When he failed to give suitable response,Suresh Prabhu was escorted to Assistant Superintendent of Prison’s office for further questioning.

As he was about to enter,Suresh Kumar banged his head against the glass door of at the entrance of the office before icking up a piece of glass and slashed his hands and legs.

Shocked by this the officials pounced on him and scuffled to snatch the glass piece and prevented further damage.

The injured Suresh Kumar was later admitted to the prison hospital and deployed security personnel to monitor him round the clock till he recovered .

The officials are awaiting for his recovery to question the source of the mobile phones.Official suspect that Suresh Kumar was under heavy pressure not to reveal the names of the people or the source of the phones, which prompted him to take the extreme step .

Based on the complaint filed by B Mallikarjuna,senior prison official,the Parappana Agrahara police have registered a case against Suresh Kumar charging him under section 424 (Fraudulent removal or concealment of property of himself or any other person)and section 427 (mischief)against the accused for further investigations.

The police will also question Suresh Kumar after he is recovered .