Increasing tendency to buy flat in safe city Kolkata – Mumbai, Noida lags behind

AbhijitRay,Kolkata:Decreased in Noida. Mumbai is at the bottom. Kolkata is moving ahead, leaving behind the so-called centers of economic activity by a few years, at least in terms of the housing trade. Tilottama Kolkata is the jewel of the common man’s attention in the whole country in the demand for buying a flat or a house.A survey of one of the country’s largest property websites says so. Interested buyers search for homes, and flats by entering this website. In the first quarter of 2023-24, the demand for residential demand or home flats in Kolkata increased by 6.5 percent. It has come down a lot in Delhi. It is now minus 12.8 percent. The situation is similar in Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai. The demand for buying home flats in Gurgaon has come down drasticallyDemand has dropped to minus 1.9 percent. Mumbai minus 2.4 per cent. While the demand in Navi Mumbai has increased (1.8 percent), it is far behind Kolkata..Prominent people in the city say there are employment opportunities. There’s security. You can live in peace with your family. Therefore, the demand for buying flats and houses in the city of Kolkata has increased several times. According to actress Indrani Dutta, who has lived in Kolkata for decades, “Kolkata is much safer than Delhi and Noida. “He narrated his own amazing experience. “I once went to a shopping mall in Delhi. It was eight o’clock to leave. What a fear it was.After the Nirbhaya case, he went to Delhi and now he is in a hurry. But even if it is ten o’clock in the night in this city, there is no fear. Housing traders are happy with this survey by ‘Magic Bricks’, the country’s largest housing website. The housing business suffered a setback during the covid-19 lockdown.Every month, about two crore people from all over the country search for flats, homes on their websites. According to the survey, Kolkata is currently at number four in the country in terms of demand for flats and houses. The highest demand is in Ahmedabad. It was followed by Bengaluru, followed by Pune in third place.A lot has changed in the city of Kolkata. Modernity has come to the city’s parking lot. Green has grown.There are basically three things people keep in mind before buying a flat or a house in a city. One, whether women are safe in that city. Two, whether the city is clean or not. Three, whether people will get someone by their side when they are in danger.  People’s compassion for people is unprecedented. After chief minister Mamata Banerjee came to power, the beautification of Kolkata has increased manifold. That’s why the demand to buy flats has increased.