Eight Member gang arrested for cheating businessman promising them RBI fake grants for science project Rs.11.5 lakhs seized

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The CCB officials on Thursday busted a racket and arrested a gang of eight who were cheating businessmen luring them with fake RBI letter head claiming grants of several crores for a science project.

The accused used to approach gullible businessmen luring them with fake RBI letter with a forged Logo claiming that they have been given a grant of Rs.75,000 crore for the “atomic energy”project and needed initial deposits of few lakhs to get the grants released.

The accused lured the businessmen to pay in lakhs so that they can share part of the grant with them in crores .

Lured by the sweet talks and the fake documents,a businessman in Rajarajeshwarinagar paid Rs.40 lakh to the accused anticipating return of Rs.7.5 crore .

However realizing that he has been cheated the businessman filed a complaint with the Rajarajeshwarinagar police recently.

The case was later taken up by CCB who track down the accused and arrested them.

The police seized cash Rs.11.5 lakh,bank deposits worth Rs.16.3 lakh,fake letterheads of RBI with its LOGOs and a car used by the accused for the racket.

The police suspect that the gang has cheated many people using similar modus operandi and efforts are on to track down the other accused who are involved in the racket and presently are on the run.

The police have warned public not to heed to such tricks and call the police if they come across such conmen.