Eric Garcetti confirmed as US ambassador to India by Joe Biden

Abhijit Ray,Kolkata:Eric Garcetti will be the next  US ambassador to India. The post had been vacant for the last two years. For a long time, there was a dispute about Garcetti’s nomination. Finally, on Wednesday, the nomination of the front-line leader of the Democratic Party for the post of Ambassador of India was finalized in the Senate by a vote of 52-42. Eric Garcetti has been confirmed as the United States’ ambassador to India .India-US closeness has increased. Diplomatic relations between the two countries have been strengthened. Even then, there has been no permanent US ambassador to India since July 2021. Joe Biden nominated Garcetti after coming to power. But the Senate did not approve his appointment because there are allegations of sexual harassment against Garcetti. He claimed to have sexually assaulted an employee of his office. As a result, there was a dispute about his appointment. Finally, he overcame all obstacles and became the Ambassador of India.Garcetti, a Jewish cleric, was the mayor of Lodge Angels for a long time. At that time, he made contact with different cities of the world. Among them are several cities in India. Although he is close to Biden politically, he has a close relationship with the Republican Party. Two of their representatives also voted in favor of Garcetti.