Innovation driving EIL’s Growth strategy

EIL has always been aligning its strategy with the needs of the Indian energy sector as well as the global trends. The organization’s journey of building the energy infrastructure for the country started way back in 1965 with Madras Refinery Project. Since then, the company has played an anchor role in bringing new technologies in the country in terms of their assessment and hand holding for implementation of the same in Indian industries. EIL has contributed significantly in technology development and its commercialisation with more than 60% indigenization potential. Some of the key achievements of EIL in shaping India’s energy landscape includes among other things Auto Fuel Technologies including BS-VI, Residue Upgradation, Refinery & Petrochemical Integration, niche petrochemicals and as recent as Bio Fuels, Green Hydrogen to name a few.
Mega project implementation in the oil & gas sector has been EIL’s core business. Vizag Refinery Modernisation Project (VRMP) of HPCL, HPCL Rajasthan Refinery project (HRRL) having the highest petrochemical intensity of around 25%, Capacity expansion project of IOCL-Panipat, Cauvery Basin Refinery (CBR) project for CPCL with the combined capital outlay of around $20 billion are some of the recent testimonies of EIL’s mega project implementation in the domestic market. It is worth mentioning that one of the biggest petrochemical integration projects of HPCL Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL) with the capital cost of around $3 billion being implemented by EIL has been completed. In the petrochemical sector, EIL is also implementing first of its kind Propane Dehydrogenation- Polypropylene (PDH-PP) unit in India for GAIL. These multibillion-dollar projects clearly demonstrate EIL’s strong domestic presence in the oil & gas sector.
Likewise, EIL has significantly expanded its business in new geographies which include Dangote Oil Refinery Project (DORC) in Nigeria having total capital outlay of almost $20 billion with highest single train refining capacity in the world. The company is also providing Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services for 1.5 MMTPA Mongol Refinery project in Mongolia on Line of Credit (LoC) from the Govt of India. This project showcases EIL’s project implementation capabilities in adverse climate and challenging global business environment. Recently, EIL expanded its business in Guyana securing 300 MW power plant project in this new territory. In previous year we have strengthened our office in Abu Dhabi which has resulted in our engagement with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) for execution of several projects in the region.
EIL has played a pivotal role in executing the nationwide natural gas pipeline network under the Urja Ganga Pipeline Project of the Govt of India. It is aimed to increase the share of natural gas in the nation’s energy mix from currently around 6% to 15% by the year 2030.
In previous years, EIL has contributed significantly in executing major energy efficient infrastructure projects in the country with focus on LEED and GRIHA compliant Green Buildings for academic institutions, state of the art Data centres, Airports, High speed railways in various engagement models. Data centre for State Bank of India, IIM Nagpur campus, restoration of heritage sites like Khajuraho, Sun temple of Konark (Odisha) are some of the exemplary works performed by EIL in recent past in this segment.
EIL has developed several technological solutions catering to indigenizing the oil & gas sector. Some of the significant contributions include Sulphur Recovery Units, Diesel Hydrotreating technology, Solvent Dewaxing Deoiling technology, Desalter technology to name a few. These technologies are developed by EIL on its own or in collaboration with academia and industries. Recently, one of the indigenous technologies for ATF hydrotreating developed by EIL in collaboration with IOCL-R&D was dedicated to the nation.
EIL has also marked its footprint in the Biofuels projects implementation. It is providing its services in the implementation of one of largest capacities Biorefinery project in India for Assam Biorefinery Private Limited (ABRPL), a JV of NRL, Fortum and Chempolis OY. The project is being implemented by EIL based on the technology supplied by Chempolis OY, Finland. This is one of the firsts that EIL has done so far in its more than five & half decades’ long journey of providing services and building the nation’s energy infrastructure. This project is anticipated to set the benchmark for India’s Biorefinery programmes in the coming years. In addition, EIL is playing a crucial role in providing technological solutions for decarbonizing the aviation sector in collaboration with CSIR-IIP, Dehradun. One of the Bio-ATF plant is already being implemented by EIL for one of its clients.
In the past few years, EIL broadened its horizon in the hydrocarbon and fertilizer business beyond its consultancy and engineering services portfolio. This is reflected in the investments performed by the company in Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL), a reputed oil marketing company and one of the largest capacity urea producing Ramagundam Fertilizer Corporation Limited in the state of Telangana. RFCL was recently dedicated to the nation by the Honourable Prime Minister of India.
EIL has strategized its growth plan with five-pronged strategy of Strategic collaboration, Diversification in new areas, Innovation & Technology, Expanding Geographies and Operational Excellence. In all these areas EIL has made significant progress in the previous year and is accelerating its efforts to increase the revenue by securing more business in the sunshine areas beyond its robust oil & gas portfolio both in India and overseas. Aligning with this strategy, the organisation’s new vision statement “To be a Global Leader Offering Total Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Future” clearly showcase the company’s commitment in this direction.
The first step towards achieving the energy transition objectives is to identify the low-hanging fruits in respective industrial sectors. EIL has performed energy efficiency improvement studies (EEIS) of Refineries and Petrochemical complexes for both Indian and International clients. This could be one of the important steps to achieve the energy conservation targets. EIL also offers IIoT based digital technological solutions for optimizing the performance of existing assets in terms of energy consumption.
There has been a strong push to roll out green hydrogen projects at large scale to accelerate the decarbonisation of the industry. EIL has been front runner in implementing the projects related to Green Hydrogen as well both for its production through electrolysers and blending GH2 in the existing natural gas pipelines. Hence, EIL’s role is not only significant in the sector’s growth but also immense in assisting the industry in their energy transition journey to achieve net zero carbon emissions within the projected timeline. EIL is leading the industry by example and declared to become net zero carbon emitting corporate by the year 2035.
Moving forward, EIL’s strategy for growth while catering to the the Oil & Gas sector for fulfilling the country’s target of reaching the 450 MMTPA refining integrated with petrochemicals capacity by the year 2030 continue to provide its services in the sunshine areas of Energy efficient infrastructure, Mining & Metallurgy and other diversified areas of operation to remain at the leadership position in providing engineering solutions and implementation of mega projects in the future.