Animal welfare board urging people to observe cow hug day on this valentine’s day

Abhijit Ray,Kolkata:The relationship between BJP and Valentine’s Day was never good. They have been seen attacking young people to prevent this Western culture. However, this time the Modi government itself has given special advice on Valentine’s Day. In a statement, the animal welfare board of the government appealed to the public to embrace the cow on Valentine’s Day in February 14.After the Modi government came to power at the Center, the cow has repeatedly made headlines in the news headlines. The controversy overeating beef, violence, protection of cow meat, government initiatives for the maintenance of cows, as well as the creation of a goal, on the other hand, there have been strange claims about the benefits of cows. It has also been said that cow dung, cow urine, and even the breathing of cows cures difficult diseases. Dilip Ghosh, one of the opposition leaders in the state, had claimed that cow’s milk contained gold.In a statement, the Animal Welfare Board of the Centre said, “The Vedic culture has been wiped out under pressure from the West. We have forgotten our traditions and culture in the glare of the West. That’s why a novel application has been made. The Animal Welfare Board also said that cows have many benefits. Their appeal is that those who love cows should embrace the cattle on February 14.This will make life happier. In this way, the Central Board has advised to celebrate ‘Cow Hug Day’ or ‘Cow Hug Day’. But why only cows? Why not other animals, the opposition is questioning.