BRS: India’s struggle for change

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

President of India and Chief Minister of Telangana KCR announced that he will take oath in the village of Shivneri, the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji. It has been revealed that they will contest in all 288 legislative seats in Maharashtra.

Farmers should come to the level of making laws
. Competition in all the seats in Maharashtra.
JPC should be put on the Adani case

Today’s representatives from Nanded


The families of farmers and agricultural laborers constitute more than 50 percent of the country’s population. If all of them unite and tighten their fists, the formation of a peasant kingdom is certain. 


సీఎం కేసీఆర్‌

ChPresident of India and Chief Minister of Telangana KCR has announced that he will take oath in Shivneri village, the birthplace of Tripathi Shivaji. It has been revealed that they will contest in all 288 legislative seats in Maharashtra. He said that the process of formation of farmers’ committees in each Maratha village will be started within ten days. KCR spoke at a meeting organized by the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (Bharasa) under the name of ‘Paksha Pravesh Sohal’ (Party Joining Assembly) at Guru Gobind Singh Maidan in Nanded District Center on Sunday, followed by a press conference. There is no dearth of economic and natural resources in the country. We need rulers who will use them for progress with determination. The way people are divided and ruled has to change radically. A discussion on this issue should be held everywhere and change should be initiated. The time has come for the youth, the educated and the intellectuals to think,’ he called upon the people. They demanded that a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) should be formed and probed into the affairs of Adani companies. He clarified that if Bharata comes to power, 33% reservation for women will be implemented in the legislative assemblies.

Water every acre? don’t you

In 75 years of independent India, Congress has been in power for 54 years, BJP for 16 years and other parties for five years. Annually enough rain falls for 1.40 lakh TMC. We are using only 21 thousand TMC of water, half of which is steam. The rest of the water is wasted in the sea. That is the reason for the problems of cultivation and drinking water. In many countries of the world, the rulers have built reservoirs with a storage capacity of more than six thousand TMCs. No government has made such efforts in our country. Should big reservoirs be built in India, should every acre be irrigated or not?’ When KCR asked, people responded by raising their hands.

What is the result of farmers’ agitation?

Statistics show that farmer suicides are highest in Maharashtra. Godavari, Krishna, Manjira, Penganga, Indrawati and other rivers are flowing, but the rulers do not care about the agricultural crisis. Farmers in Delhi have been protesting for 13 months on agriculture laws. 750 people died. Prime Minister Modi did not shed a single tear. How many days should the farmers who are facing life and death problem listen to the Prime Minister’s ‘Manki Baat’? Farmers who only knew how to plow must now rise to the level of holding a pen and making laws. They should be representatives of the people.

Coal enough for 125 years

India has a chance to become a richer country and a dominant power than America. It has coal deposits equivalent to 361 billion dollars. With that, free electricity can be given to agriculture for 125 years. But they always joke in the name of politics.

No heart to give..

The budget of Telangana is Rs.2.5 lakh crores. The budget of Maharashtra is Rs.5 lakh crores. Why are the welfare schemes in Telangana not here? The problem is the lack of willingness to give. If the pink flag is hoisted in Maharashtra, everything will come here too. If India wins the state committee, we will provide Dalit Bandhu to 25 lakh families every year across the country. We are providing sheep on concession in Telangana. We are providing welfare schemes to fishermen, Gita workers and Nai Brahmins. We are providing 250 units of free electricity to Rajakus. Similar programs are needed all over the country.

A revolutionary change is needed

Countries like Japan, South Korea, China and Malaysia have achieved economic development in no time with good policies. Where are we compared to China, America and Japan? Our rulers have no integrity. It is in this background that we have decided to work at the national level to bring qualitative change in the country and we are coming up with a revolutionary agenda as India. We will consider changes in the constitution if necessary. We are formulating policies with retired judges, IASs and economists. We have taken reforms in five sectors as the agenda of India under the name of Re-invent India. Changes in governance – economic, constitutional, electoral, judicial, administration – are required.

If privatized, we will take it back

It is very wrong to want to privatize the profitable sectors like LIC, electricity and railways. Even if the Modi government does all this, we will take it back after coming to power in 2024. Even if there is no need, the states are being pressured to buy foreign coal privately at a high price to rob the corporates. Even in New York and London there will be power outages but in Hyderabad there will be no cuts. This should be the case in all cities.

Adani should be honest about it

There is concern in the country with the developments taking place in the case of Adani companies. The Center should appoint a Joint Parliamentary Committee and conduct an inquiry to show its sincerity in this matter. But suspicions are rife that Modi is thinking of protecting his friend.

The land of the greats

This is the Maratha land where great people like Ambedkar, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Saheb Rao, Jyotiba Phule, Savitribai Phule were born. We organized the first assembly in such a sacred area. Let’s clench our fists for change,’ KCR called. He spent 55 minutes on the platform. He spoke in Hindi for 52 minutes.

Additions in Bharasa

Many Maratha leaders joined the party in the presence of KCR in the assembly. KCR welcomed them by covering them with pink scarves. Women representatives were covered with scarves by MLC Kavitha. Former Aheri Constituency MLA Deepak Dada Athram along with nine former ZPTC members, Sironcha Nagar Panchayat President Abdul Rauf, three representatives from Mulchara Nagar Panchayat, 12 people from Sironcha Taluk, five from Aheri Taluk and three Sarpanchs from Etapalli Taluk performed Bharasa Teertham. Bharasa revealed that leaders from various communities including presidents of various public associations, talukas and sectors have joined.

Maratha Gadda is ‘rose’

BhNanded turned pink during the first meeting organized by Rasa in Maharashtra. People flocked from border villages and many parts of Maharashtra. KCR reached Nanded in a special flight from Hyderabad at 2.05 pm. He was accompanied by MP Santosh Kumar, MLC Kavitha, Armor MLA Jeevan Reddy and others. KCR first visited the local Gurdwara. After that, they reached the assembly premises at 3 o’clock. The idols of Shivaji, Annabau Sathe, Basaveshwar, Ambedkar, Jyotiba Phule and Savitribai Phule installed on the stage were garlanded. Balka Suman, a student leader who walked with him during the Telangana movement, was elected to the Lok Sabha at the age of 29 and is now serving as an MLA, KCR introduced him to the members. A documentary was shown on Dalit Bandhu, free electricity and other issues being implemented in Telangana.

Haven’t thought about alliances yet

KCR spoke at a press conference after the meeting.

 Responding to questions on alliances in Maharashtra, ‘We are coming new. He replied that he is not thinking about anything yet.

 Responding to Telangana’s water disputes with Maharashtra.. ‘Babli issue is just a drama of some leaders. It is a small project. It is not a big deal if hundreds of TMCs are wasted’ he said. He mentioned that they had previously discussed and resolved the issue with Maharashtra regarding Kaleswaram. If we sit and talk, everything will be solved. It should be realized that there is a possibility to give the water in SPARSP to Maharashtra if necessary.

 Answering India’s stance on the demands of dividing Maharashtra into small states… He replied that the division of states is a matter related to geographical conditions, science, consultation and people’s aspirations.