Amaravati: Hearing on capital issue on 23rd of this month in Supreme Court

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

The Supreme Court has said that the petitions filed on the issue of capital Amaravati will be heard on 23rd of this month. To this extent, Justice KM Joseph and Justice Nagaratna’s bench revealed.


Delhi: The matter of hearing the petitions filed against Amaravati, the capital of AP, has been mentioned in the Supreme Court. Senior advocate Niranjan Reddy on behalf of the state government mentioned that the petitions should be heard expeditiously at the bench of Justice KM Joseph and Justice Nagaratna. Responding to this, the lawyers for the farmers of Amaravati area and other defendants stated that they received the notices given by the court in this case on January 27. They said that even though they are ready to mention this matter today, as the investigation has not taken place, if they are given at least 2 weeks from now, they will file a counter. The lawyers for the farmers were defended by the lawyers for the other respondents. 

After discussing the points mentioned by both sides, the bench of Justice KM Joseph and Justice Nagaratna made it clear that the further hearing of this case is adjourned to February 23. The defendants should file a counter within that time. On the other hand, the government has also ordered to give an answer within that time. 


The state approached the Supreme Court challenging the Andhra Pradesh High Court’s verdict on March 3 last year that the state government did not have the power to decide the capital. Many farmers filed petitions in the Supreme Court in favor of the High Court verdict. They were heard in the Supreme Court on November 28 last year. The hearing of the case was adjourned to January 31. But he did not come to the hearing that day. In this context, the Supreme Court has fixed the next hearing date (February 23).