Cars for the CM convoy will be cut short

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana( Andhra Pradesh)

Andhra Pradesh:  Ordinary people pay the bill immediately if someone rents a car. But the state government has not paid the bills for the cars put in Chief Minister Jagan’s convoy. In the last three years alone, Rs 18.11 crore has been owed on rental vehicles. Or RTA officials forcibly stop private vehicles on the roads and take them away. It is learned that a vehicle was forcibly locked during a visit by CM Jagan during a recent visit to Ongole to unload devotees on their way to a midnight massage. The CMVO ordered the suspension of the motor vehicle inspector as the incident was controversial. Pinipey Vishwaroop, who recently took over as Transport Minister, conducted a review on his department. He said the CM was going to increase the number of district tours and make sure there was no vehicular trouble anywhere. 

Immediately the officers there suddenly turned their faces helplessly saying ‘not because of us sir ..’ He said that at least Rs 4.5 crore was being spent on VIP convoy vehicles annually and that vehicles could be provided to the CM convoy only if the old arrears were paid. The Ongoles also recalled the incident. According to credible information, a maximum of Rs 6.5 crore is pending in the joint Kurnool district. 4.66 crore in Visakhapatnam district, 1.50 crore in Srikakulam district, 1.40 crore in Chittoor district and 1.11 crore in Krishna district. The government does not pay bills to anyone starting with contractors. The debate over whether or not to pay even smaller taxi drivers has begun in Department of Transportation circles. 

I did not say: RTC Chairman‌

RTC Chairman Mallikarjuna Reddy explained that he did not say in internal conversations that if the CM pays Jagan to buy new buses, are we paying salaries? He expressed his dissatisfaction with the magazines for writing the words he said.