Master plan to promote coastal tourism-CM Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

A master plan will be drawn to promote culture and temple tourism in the Coastal Karnataka in order to improve the economy,said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking after inaugurating the statue of Parashurama atop Umikal Hill here on Friday,he said there are ample opportunities for tourism here and already a number of schemes have been chalked out.

The people of this area are hard working and to make th eir life more meaningful this region requires tourism as well as industries but they required infrastructure.

A complete development is when port,logistics park and roads are improved.Already,investors have come forward to invest Rs.1.5 lakh crore in the manufacture of fuel, Hydrogen and Ammonia.It will be made reality soon and help in changing the lives of people.

Giving the small packages will not improve life of people as the strength of the ports must increase. If investment increases,economic activities must also change in the big scale.The government’s aim is not to give the packages but to improve life of people.

Historic day

It is a historic day especially in the coastal Karnataka as the statue of Parashurama has been installed and Theme Park is inaugurated.Parashiois the creator of Tulu  Naadu and had the personality of Karna.

He was very brave, got the blessings of Shiva and was very strong.Though he was loved by his mother still he beheaded her as per his father’s order.The people belonged to this region must remember him.

Create history

Bommai said there are lot of historic evidences here and the evidence of Parashurama will be known to the children.

There is a small temple of Parashurama in this region and that piece of evidence will become a history in the coming days. Preservation of such historic places is done by Minister Sunil Kumar.

We do lot of things in public life but doing the historical work is very rare.Doing that is the real job of JanSevak. “I have come here as a devotee and not as the CM.The government will do everything possible for this regard”.

Ministers,V.Sunil Kumar,S.Angara,union Minister, Shobha Karandlaje,MLAs Lalji Mendon,Raghupati Bhat and noted actor Rishabh Shetty were present.