Man arrested for killing labour contractor over illicit affair with his wife

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarath Sethia

The Nandagudi police on Saturday arrested a man who murdered a labour contractor and buried his body in his field a row over illicit affair on January 13.

The accused has been identified as,Prakash was arrested after the police based on a missing complaint , analyzed the call record details of the victim.

Senior officer told reporters the deceased Nandish, resident of Doddanalluru and labour contractor allegedly had an affair with Prakash wife .

Prakash who came to know about this warned him many times but in vain.

On January 13,Prakash caught Nandish while returning after meeting his wife and took him to his land on the pretext of talking.

Heated argument ensued in the melee,the accused bludgeoned Nandish with a club and later buried his body in his field.

The accused took Nandish mobile phone and threw near a house in the village to create an alibi .

However the Nandagudi police while analyzing the call record details found Prakash affair and suspected Nandish role.

He was summoned for questioning and a detailed probe led him to confess.Based on his confession the police exhumed the body of Nandish and sent it for autopsy and further investigation is on.