Two constables of Bandepalya accused of planting drugs in the bag of private firm employee suspended : CK Baba

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Southeast division,CK Baba on Monday suspended two constables attached to Bandepalya station who have been accused of planting Drugs in the bag of a private firm employee on the pretext of checking and later extorted Rs.2,500 from

him in the early hours on last Wednesday .

The accused confronted Vaibhav Patil while he was returning home from his shift and checked his bag and allegedly planted a twig of marijuana and later accused him of consuming and peddling.

The duo threatened him to book under NDPS and later demanded Rs.4,000 before receiving Rs.2,500 and let him go.

Vaibhav later put out a complaint on social media tagging senior police official narrating his ordeal . Based on the complaint,Mr.Baba initiated a probe and recorded his statement .

Reacting to the incident,Mr.Baba said that the Southeast Division night beat police have been given body worn cameras and directed them to switch it on while on duty.

However in this incident the cameras were not switched on and hence the action taken against them under dereliction of duty,he said.Adding that the inquire into the alleged corruption and planting narcotics is on.