A Civic Police stabbed  his wife to death in public at East Medinipur

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:A policeman was accused of hacking his wife to death in broad daylight. Scared witnesses in this incident, a women named Barnali was brutally murdered by a policeman in Bhardupur. The incident happened in front of Kanthi Girls High School in East Medinipur. The deceased’s name is Barnali Roy.The name of the accused policeman is Bappaditya Roy. He is said to be working as a home guard in Marishda police station. Varnali came to drop her daughter at Kanthi Girls High School on Friday afternoon. After the girl went inside, she was talking with other parents outside the school. At that time, suddenly Bappaditya rushed there. The two started arguing.In the middle of the argument, Bappadityasatan suddenly took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed him in the body. After that, he ran around and beat his wife, said the eyewitnesses present there. The locals came running screaming. The SDPO office near Kanthi High School, policemen rushed from there. Accused Bappaditya was caught. Varnali was taken to Darua Hospital in Kanthi in a bloody and seriously injured condition. But doctors declared him dead.