A new era of country’s leadership has begun: CM Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

A new era in India’s leadership has begun and votes in the 2023 Assembly polls will be obtained with a positive attitude,said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Addressing a public meeting organised by BJP here on Thursday,he said the motto of BJP is ‘nation first’ along with ‘strong organisation’.Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said ‘Ek Bharath, Shresth Bharat’, and emerged as a global leader.

Likewise,everyone has accepted the leadership of former CM B.S.Yediyurappa who has led several agitations on behalf of farmers and citizens,and made the entire farming community to stand with BJP.

Under the leadership of Modi and BJP National President J.P.Nadda a new era has started in the country.

They are into the development of the whole country through positive politics.The landslide victory of BJP in Gujarat Assembly polls has set a new world record.

Congress Party bite dust

Bommai said BJP will seek votes on the basis of welfare schemes and upliftment programs of the poor and oppressed classes.The Congress Party will be eroded from the state this time.

The incumbent BJP has formed a Cabinet Sub-Committee in regard to internal reservation in Scheduled Castes.

For this,Leader of Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah has termed it as an eyewash and claimed that his party will do it if it was voted to power.

Siddaramaiah did not discuss anything in the convention held in this regard except lighting the lamp to mark the inauguration.This shows the art of lying of Siddaramaiah and his party.It will not last long as people are awake now.

Can’t fool people

“The Congress leaders are promising of giving 10 kg rice per person every month if their party comes back to power.

While in power,first they distributed 4 kg rice and started distributing 7 kg rice during the election time.

But our BJP government is giving 5 kg rice under PDS and 5 km from Garib Kalyan scheme. Both put together it is 10 kg of rice.

In Congress government’s ‘Anna Bhagya’ scheme, the rice was of Modi and the sack having the photo of Siddaramaiah was of the Congress Government. People will not fall to the tactics of the grand old party of the country”.

He said Congress leaders said they marched towards Krishne and promised to complete all irrigation projects.

They promised to release the grant of Rs.50,000 crore but did not release even 10 percent of it.The Congress Party has cheated the people of this region.

BJP National President,J.P.Nadda,BJP National General Secretary and In-Charge of Karnataka,Arun SIngh,State BJP President,Nalin Kumar Kateel, former CM B.S.Yediyurappa,Ministers,Govind Karjol, Anand Singh,Halappa Achaar and others were present.