Chirag Purushotam helping underprivileged during the Covid-19 crisis

In the fight against the novel coronavirus everyone needs a helping hand. In these days of trial, Mr Chirag Purushotam, Chairman of Indian American International Chambers of Commerce, participated in the distribution of essential food items to the needy alongside the Former Home Minister of Karnataka, Shri. Ramalinga Reddy.

On the twitter handle of Mr Chirag Purushotam he had on the account of World Health Day on 07th April 2020, tweeted about the importance of hygiene and also how important it is to conserve water while doing the same.

His tweet on World Health Day 2020 gives us the impression that while it is important to follow hygiene measures to keep diseases at bay one must also keep in mind that nature has a delicate balance which humans must respect in order to preserve harmony. A noteworthy point is on using a foot pedal for taps in order to contain the spread of infection.Much is lost but much is left to preserve.

In his tweet he also made special mentions of Shri Ratan Tata and Shri Dr Azim Premji in their timely contributions and donations to the Indian economy during these times. Their economical extension has been a pillar of support in an immense manner.India stands united in the fight against CoVID-19. JaiHind!