VRSE to BRS..!

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

BJP National President JP Nadda said that TRS has turned into BRS.. VRS is necessary for that party very soon.

We have to say goodbye to KCR’s rule..
CM’s effort to save the child
, BJP National President Nadda in Karimnagar Assembly
today – Karimnagar

BJP National President JP Nadda said that TRS has turned into BRS.. VRS is necessary for that party very soon. He was the chief guest at the meeting held at Karimnagar on Thursday on the occasion of the conclusion of the fifth phase of the Praja Sangrama Yatra undertaken by the party’s state president Bandi Sanjay. Speaking on this occasion, Nadda said that he wants the blessings of Rajarajeswara Swamy, Kondagattu Anjanna of Karimnagar district to reach the party along with him. Addressing the people, he said that the Prajasangramayatra got a good response and you got a good leader like Bandi Sanjay. The trip undertaken to find out public problems is 1403 km. He made it clear that it has continued for 120 days in 56 assembly constituencies.. He made it clear that whoever wants to stop it will not stop. He said that some people tried to block his arrival.. He said that democracy is being mocked in Telangana. He said that is why BJP got the slogan ‘Saludora- Vaita Dora’. If the people of all sections are doing well under Modi’s rule, he criticized that corruption, anarchy and anti-people rule is continuing under KCR’s rule. The time has come to say goodbye to KCR’s rule. Like KCR, his daughter is also accused of being involved in corruption. He criticized that investigating agencies were brought to the house and conducted an investigation out of nowhere. KCR is making all kinds of efforts to save the child.

Tell a proverb in Telugu..

Nadda said that saying in Telugu that KCR’s attitude is ‘I have flown to Utti.. I have flown to heaven’. Duyyabatta said that KCR has ignored all the promises of CM’s post for Dalits, three acres of land for SCs and STs, unemployment compensation, simultaneous loan waiver, free education from KG to PG. The Chief Minister said that no one could be seen except his daughter, son and son-in-law. He accused the CM of giving opportunity to the leaders of India to grab the lands of the poor through the Dharani portal. He expressed confidence that the BJP will win the next assembly elections and come to power.

By diverting central funds..

Nadda faulted the attitude of the state government saying that all the funds given by the center are being diverted by changing names. Under the Jaljeevan Mission, the CM has criticized that the name has been changed here if the house-to-house drinking water scheme is being funded through Hargarh Jal. He said that if they set up 1.50 lakh wellness centers with all the facilities in many states across the country, here they are set up in the name of Basti Dawakhanas. All this was a fake affair of KCR, he said. In five years, 4,996 km of national highways have been constructed across the country at a cost of Rs.104 lakh crore.

Ready for discussion with KCR on Kaleswaram: Etala

MLA Etala Rajender challenged that he is ready to discuss the loopholes of Kaleswaram project with Chief Minister KCR. He said that the pumps of Kannepally and Annaram, which were stuck in floods, have not been repaired. Rs. The CM, who initially took people in buses to the Kaleshwaram project built at a cost of one lakh crore, now wants to tell why no one is being allowed to go there. They want to tell KCR, who was swindled during the Telangana movement, where lakhs of crores of rupees came from. Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Arvind said that if Kalvakuntla Kavitha does not contest, then KCR has challenged him to contest in Nizamabad.

An attempt to intercept the convoy

When JP Nadda was coming to the public meeting, the leaders of India tried to block his convoy. They held up the flags and chanted ‘go back nadda’. The police sidelined them. Nadda arrived at the Karimnagar meeting two hours late than the scheduled time. He came in a helicopter and reached the Assembly premises at 5.40 pm. After the speech, as darkness fell, they returned to Hyderabad by road. He was accompanied by party state affairs in-charge Tarun Chugh and Union Minister Kishan Reddy.

The conspiracies of the CMs of the Telugu states who have joined forces: Sanjay

Bandi Sanjay criticized in his speech that the Chief Ministers of Telugu states are conspiring to inflame the sentiment again. Both of them are accused of stealing commissions and hiding them. Both of them are trying to get votes again with the slogans of Jai Andhra and Jai Telangana and warned people not to be deceived. The party’s state president said that the state is being defiled with parties with green and pink flags. That’s why the BJP ranks are working hard for the development of the lotus party with the saffron flag. He shed tears of emotion saying that he was seriously ill in the past. The people of Telangana are under the impression that Terasah has become Bharasa. KCR pushed the Telangana activists out and kept the traitors by his side. 

Once again, Sanjay’s Padayatra in Hyderabad
received more than 15 thousand petitions.. Digitization of those documents

Today, Hyderabad: BJP state president Bandi Sanjay has completed five stages of padayatra and he is preparing to undertake the next yatra in Hyderabad. So far 15,000 petitions have been received from people during Sanjay’s padayatra. All these are being digitized by Gangidi Manohar Reddy, the in-charge of the Yatra. It has been found that there have been many petitions on issues such as two-bedroom houses, compensation for lost land, burden of loan waiver and unemployment. Unemployment, pollution, lack of compensation for workers, farmers, social groups, land dwellers. BJP is making efforts to formulate the party’s election plan based on these factors.