Jana Sampark Divas:Citizens interaction meeting at Jayanagar Traffic Station by Special Commissioner Traffic MA Saleem Received many valuable suggestions to improve traffic movements in the area

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

A fter a brief gap,the citizen traffic interaction program kick started on Saturday at all the traffic police station across the city where the police received congestion,commute time and encroachment are the main concern among the residents .

The Jana samparka Sabhe which is an effort to bring people close to the traffic management as they are the biggest stake holders and their involvement will improve the things to greater extend,MA Saleem,Special commissioner, (Traffic), said .

Senior officials,as,DCP Traffic West,Kuldeep Kumar R Jain,ACP, Traffic South,Srinivas and in-charge of the traffic stations who are taking down the concerns and suggestions assured to resolve the issue and update till the next meeting.

The Traffic police are already working on reducing the travel time,congestion on road and clearing encroachment by haphazard vehicle parking at residential areas and encroachment of pedestrian ways by hawkers and school vans.

These issues will be redressed at priority level while some of the issues which are not under the purview of the traffic police will be brought to the notice of the department concerned .

The priority of the traffic police right now is to ensure free flow of traffic and synchronization of signals.

In addition to this removing unnecessary hurdles which are preventing smooth traffic flow and ensuring traffic rules to instill road discipline among the motorists,a senior officer,said .