Annoying short messages

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

A private employee of the city recently received an SMS. The gist of it is.. 99 Australian Dollars was purchased on an online site.

Online purchases from different countries,
crimes from abroad,
credit card users being cheated
– Eenadu, Amaravati

A private employee of the city recently received an SMS. The gist of it is.. 99 Australian Dollars were purchased on an online site. After a while, I received an SMS about another purchase. He was shocked to see that he had bought it for 10 Australian dollars. He immediately called the call center of the concerned bank and blocked the card.

A person working in a bank in Vijayawada has a credit card. Recently Rs. 6,412 was received as an SMS. He immediately alerted and called the bank and blocked the card and filed a complaint with the police. It was found that payments were made abroad through an app.

OTP not received.. not shared with anyone.. but sms are coming that online purchase was made using the card. That too, short messages are appearing on mobiles that transactions are not done from abroad. It is the turn of the credit card holders to get worried. Such cases are being registered in the city recently. Fraudsters are getting confused because OTP is not required for transactions from abroad. As a result, money is disappearing from the accounts of the clients without their involvement.

More from America

The criminals are using the information obtained in various ways for their financial needs. Purchases and payments are being made with the information of cardholders from abroad. Most of the cases registered in the city police commissionerate were from America. After that, they are going from Ireland, Switzerland, Korea, Australia and other countries. It is also difficult to catch the perpetrators of these crimes. They are spending money on playing online games, buying pizza and burgers, booking rooms in hotels and placing orders for various items.

With information theft..

Reserve Bank PIN number and OTP are mandatory for card transactions from our country. No OTP details are required if done from abroad. A lot of transactions can be done if the details like card number, expiry date, CVV number on the back of the card are typed on the internet sites. Most of the reported credit card frauds in the city are from abroad. Private agencies are selling their customer details to many people. These are reaching fraudsters.

The option should be disabled

* On arrival of credit cards.. check whether they have international usage facility. You should call the customer care of the concerned bank and confirm. If present, stop immediately. This does not lead to abuse. Those who do not need to travel abroad should definitely remove this facility.

* Even if we don’t use the card, we should be alerted immediately if we get a message that transactions have taken place. Call the concerned bank and tell the card number and block it. As a result, there is no room for further transactions.

* RBI has stated in the new rules that the banks themselves should be responsible for the transactions that happen without the involvement of the customers and immediately transfer the money to the account within the specified period. As soon as the suspicious transactions take place, call the bank and give the details. The relevant form should be filled from the internet and mailed. A complaint should also be filed at the concerned police station.