Three Member gang mobile lifters arrested,Seized 21 stolen mobile phones worth Rs.6.5 lakhs

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarath Sethia

The Rajagopalnagar police have arrested a gang of three people who were robbing mobile phones from the people in and around the city.The police recovered 21 mobile phones worth Rs.6.5 lakh from them.

The accused were arrested based on a complaint from a resident of Chamundipura,stating that three men on bike had robbed his phone while he was walking along with the phone outside his house on November 21.

The police analyzed several CCTV footage from in and around the area before zeroing in on the accused .

Senior officer told reporters,that the accused is a habitual offenders have been arrested and jailed in similar cases earlier this year.

The accused got out on bail and stole a motorcycle from Bagalagunte to use the bike to snatch mobile phones and valuables from people walking alone at the residential areas.

The police so far managed to track down owners of the five mobile phones while efforts are on to trace the remaining owners of the 16 mobile phones.