Soladevanahalli police arrested Homemaker for killing husband with the help of her paramour

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)


he Soladevanahalli police on Wednesday arrested a 35-year-old home maker who with the help of her paramour murdered her husband in a cold blooded manner who was objecting to her illicit affair and disposed the body in an drain in the outskirt of the city on November 24.

The accused Jayalakshmi threw the rope used to commit the murder and the deceased mobile in different directions in an open field on Mysuru Bengaluru highway before returning home . She later went to the police and filed a missing complaint.

However, police on suspicion analyzed her Call Record Details and zeroed in on Jayalakshmi and summoned her for questioning.

A detailed questioning led her to confess to the crime .

According to the police,Jayalakshmi was married to Dasegowda,16 years ago and the couple had two children.

Dasegowda,who owns a farm house and also runs multiple business was busy with his work.
Jayalakshmi had an illicit affair with the accused Rajesh,an engineering graduate .

The accused would visit often when Dasegowda used to go out of the house.Few months ago he came to know about the relationship and used to fight with Jayalakshmi warning her to stay away from Rajesh.

He even called Rajesh and warned him with dire consequences .

The duo planned to kill to continue their affair . As per the plan Rajesh waited outside the farm house waiting for the signal, while Jayalakshmi was waiting for Dasegowda to come home on the fateful night of November 25.

When Unsuspecting Dasegowda came home, Jayalakshmi as per the plan opened the backdoor of the farm house to allow Rajesh to venture into the house.

He took a rope which used to tie cattle and pounced on Dasegowda and stranguled him to death using he rope .The Ramanagar rural police later recovered the decomposed body of Dasegowda.

The duo later carried the body in a car and drove on Mysore Bengaluru highway before dumping his body in a drain in the outskirt of Rama Nagar .

The accused have even three the rope and mobile phone of Dasegowda in different directions to destroy the evidence and returned home .

The police are now taken the duo to recover the rope and mobile phones and to conduct the spot inspection .