Elderly man unable to bare harrasment kills alcoholic son with dumbbells, surrenders to Anugondahalli police

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Unable to bare harassment from alcoholic son,a 65-year-old man bludgeoned his son to death with a dumbbells and surrendered before the police in the outskirt of the city on Friday.

The accused Muniswamy resident of Devalapura in the outskirt of the city is a construction labourer and living with his wife and son.Tyagaraj, 38.

Senior officer told reporters that Tyagaraj was also a labourer and chronic alcoholic used to come home drunk and harass parents for money.

On Friday the deceased came home drunk and created ruckus demanding money.

Unable to bear harassment the Muniswamy attacked him with dumbell.Tyagraj sustained severe head injury and died while Muniswamy went to police station and surrendered.The Anugondahali police are investigating .