One arrested in West Bengal’s Nadia’s TMC Leader Murder case

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:  Related to one TMC leader’s murder case at West Bengal’s  Nadia, one got arrested by the police  within 48 hours of murder. The accused was sent to court on Saturday. Police searched for thesuspects throughout Friday night. During the search, two accused were arrested from Thanarpara area of ​​Nadia.The police arrested and interrogated two accused named Israfil Sheikh and Saheb Sheikh. They were interrogated step by step. Then Israfil Sheikh was arrested and sent to Baharampur court on Saturday by Naoda police station. The other is still being questioned.It is to be noted that Motirul Islam, Trinamool President of Minority Cell of Karimpur No. 2 Zone, was killed on his way home from Noida on Thursday evening. His wife is the Trinamool chief of Narayanpur Panchayat No. 2. The couple’s son lives in Amtala Mission. Motirul went to Murshidabad to see him. He was returning from there on Thursday evening.Allegedly, the miscreants attacked the Trinamool leader at Tiakata Ferry Ghat. Bombs and several rounds were fired at him. Motirulfell in a bloody state. Ten people have been charged in connection with the murder. The police of Noda police station arrested one person after investigation.The theory of gang rivalry has already emerged behind the murder. Allegedly, Nadia Zilla Parishad member Tina Bhowmick’s close friends Pinku Mandal, Raj Kumar and Murshidabad MP Abu Taher’s nephew are involved in the whole incident. An FIR has already been filed against a total of 10 people, including Murshidabad Trinamool MP Abu Taher’s nephew.The deceased’s wife said that Habib has influence on the Murshidabad district police. As a result, justice will not be served if they investigate. For that reason, he demanded a CID investigation. However, the police have already started an investigation and arrested one person.