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 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Political criticism led to tension between Teras and BJP. The Terasa ranks were divided over Nizamabad BJP MP Arvind’s remarks alleging that Terasa MLC Kavitha called Congress National President Kharge.

Terasa ranks protest against Arvind’s comments on Kavitha.. Attack on MP’s house is hooliganism: Home Minister Amit Shah , who called and consulted

Arvind MP , detained the suspects, if the police do not keep their mouths under control, we will kick them out: Kavitha

Political criticism led to tension between Teras and BJP. The Terasa ranks were divided over Nizamabad BJP MP Arvind’s remarks alleging that Terasa MLC Kavitha called Congress National President Kharge. Some people attacked his house in Hyderabad with Terasa flags and sticks on Friday morning. MP Arvind alleged that this is hooliganism and that CM KCR, KTR and Kavitha incited the attack with caste pride. They filed a complaint with the police asking to take action against Kavitha. On the other hand, MLC Kavitha strongly condemned Arvind’s comments. They said that if they talk as they like, they will not be quiet. He warned that if he talks madly again, he will be beaten with a shoe in the Nizamabad square. Meanwhile, Governor Tamilisai condemned the attack on MP’s house. A report was sought from the DGP. BJP leaders strongly condemned the attack.

Attack on MP Arvind’s house

Today, Hyderabad News Today, Jubilee Hills: About 40-50 Terasa activists attacked MP Dharmapuri Arvind’s residence with flags and sticks on Friday morning. The agitators reached the MP’s house at Road No-12, MLA Colony in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad at 9-10 am. Care was taken not to expose flags and sticks. After everyone got together, they gathered around 11-11.30 hours shouting with party scarves, flags and sticks around their necks. They broke the windows of Arvind’s house with stones, flag sticks and flower pots. They created havoc before the police arrived and took them into custody. For almost half an hour the atmosphere there became fearful with shouts, cries and slogans against Arvind. Pushing the police who were on duty there, the agitators took the gates and rushed into Arvind’s residence. Inspector Narendra’s team went into the bedroom and two other rooms and scattered the materials. Later, Terasa leaders and activists gathered in front of Arvind’s house. The effigy of MP Arvind was burnt. The protestors were taken into custody and taken to the Banjara Hills police station. Terasa leaders Rajeevsagar, Rajaramanyadav, GHMC corporator Kavita Reddy’s husband Govardhan Reddy and others started a dharna alleging that MLC Kavita was insulted by Arvind.

Even if I am in worship

Vijayalakshmi, Arvind’s mother, said that she was praying at the time of the attack. He said that all this happened when he came out. Arvind was not at home at that time. When the media asked about Arvind’s comments on the poem, ‘What happens with words? Politics has everything. Make no mistake. He said that he should not stoop to the level of apologizing.

A case was registered on the complaint of MP’s mother

Banjara Hills Inspector Narender said that a case was registered on Friday evening with the complaint of MP Arvind’s mother D. Vijayalakshmi about the attack incident at their residence. The police registered a case under various sections that about 50 people participated in the attack incident. 8 Terasa leaders were detained. Police officials said that Section 354 has been added as it was confirmed that Arvind had assaulted the maid at his residence. It has been explained that no one has been arrested at present and further action will be taken as per the advice of legal experts. The MP’s mother Vijayalakshmi stated in the complaint that even the police could not stop the attack 

MP Arvind’s complaint against Kavita

MP Arvind lodged a complaint with the Banjara Hills police on Friday night against MLC Kavitha. The complaint stated that in the media conference organized by Kavitha, he commented that ‘we will chase you… we will beat you with sandals, we will beat you to death’ and 50 Terasa goons attacked his house. They also asked to register a case against her who instigated the attack.

Amit Shah who spoke to Arvind on the phone

Bandi Sanjay briefed Amit Shah on Friday in Delhi about the developments in the state and the attack on MP Arvind’s house. Later Amitshah visited Arvind on phone. The MP was asked about the incident. Why go into the house and attack like this? What are the attacks? Are there women and children at home? According to information from BJP sources, Amit Shah said.

The governor condemned the attack

It is revealed that a report has been sought from the DGP

Governor Tamilisai condemned the attack on BJP MP Arvind’s house in Hyderabad. He said that it is not appropriate to frighten family members and workmen along with destruction of property. He said that there is no room for violence in democracy. She said on Twitter on Friday that she has sought a report from the DGP on the incident.