Amaravati: TDP protest.. Ministers’ vehicles stuck in traffic

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Assembly surroundings resounded with sirens

Amaravati: There was a lot of tension as the TDP farmers’ wing tried to besiege the Assembly over the issues of the grain donors. Farmer leaders tried to besiege the assembly by jumping over the wall of the electricity substation near the secretariat. The police stopped the rest of the leaders, including Marreddy Srinivasa Reddy, state president of the Telugu Farmers’ Section. In this order, there was a scuffle and an argument between the farmers’ leaders and the police. The leaders were dragged by the police and taken to the station in vehicles. The traffic on the way to the secretariat was blocked due to these protests. The vehicles of ministers, Vaikapa MLAs and MLCs stopped. As a result, the surroundings of the assembly were resounded with the sound of sirens of escort vehicles.

The TDP leaders strongly condemned the police’s obstruction of the protest which was undertaken with the intention of informing the government of the problems faced by the farmers. He asked CM Jagan how long he will run the government with the police. They expressed anger that protest is their right.