Modi: Don’t wait till they come home..Terrorists should be chased: Modi

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

We should not wait for terrorism to enter our homes. We have to go after the gunmen ourselves. The networks that support them must be broken. Their economies should be damaged – Modi

Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it clear that no matter where the terrorist attack takes place, at any level, the response should be severe. It is not right to wait for terrorist attacks to happen, we want to pursue them and kill them. He said that his government will not rest until terrorism is completely eradicated. He called for the whole world to unite against terrorism.

Prime Minister Modi on Friday launched the ‘No Money for Terror’ international conference in Delhi on the topic of curbing funds to terrorist groups. Modi spoke on this occasion. India has been facing terrorist attacks in many ways for the last few decades. We have lost many precious lives. But we are fighting bravely on this. We will not rest until we eradicate terrorism. Suppressing terrorism requires a proactive, organized response. If we want our people to be safe, we should not wait for terrorism to come inside us. We have to go after the gunmen ourselves. The networks that support them must be broken. Modi made it clear that their financial systems should be damaged.

Indirect criticism of Pakistan and China

Prime Minister Modi lashed out at some countries for supporting terrorists as part of their foreign policy. “Some countries are financially supporting the militants. “Some other countries are preventing them from imposing sanctions on terrorist groups,” he said indirectly accusing Pakistan and China. The Prime Minister suggested that financial sanctions should be imposed on such people. He urged the nations of the world to unite to fight this terrorism which is spreading directly or indirectly.

Around 450 delegates including ministers of many countries around the world, members of the Financial Action Task Force (FATA) and heads of various anti-terror organizations are participating in the two-day ‘No Money for Terror’ conference. Union Home Minister Amit Shah will address the concluding sessions of this conference on Saturday. This is the third conference on countering terrorist financing. Earlier in Paris in April 2018, ‘No Money for Terror’ international conferences were held in Melbourne in November 2019.