Zelenskyy: That missile does not belong to Ukraine: Zelenskyy’s statement

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Ukrainian President Zelensky said that the missile that landed in Poland was not theirs. They asked for permission to investigate this.

Kyiv: Ukrainian President Zelensky said that it is not appropriate to blame them in the incident of missile attack on Shevado village on the border of NATO member Poland. They made it clear that the missile was not theirs.

It is known that Russia attacked Ukraine with missiles while the G-20 conference was being held in Bali, Indonesia. At this time, two lives were lost when a missile fell on the village of Shewado in the suburbs of Poland, a bordering country of Ukraine. It was a missile fired by Russia, and the situation was tense. However, it was later found that it was not from Russia. On this, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that one of the missiles launched by Ukraine in response to Russia’s attacks unfortunately landed in their territory and it was not done on purpose.

In this order, NATO Chief Jens Stollenberg responded and criticized Ukraine. He said that the incident in Poland happened because of Kiev air defense missiles. However, Zelensky recently responded to this. “The top commanders clearly told me that it was not our missile. It is not correct to blame Ukraine for this incident. “However, we request that the Ukrainian authorities be allowed to conduct an investigation in the area where the missile exploded to find out the facts,” said Zelensky. Meanwhile.. the missile that landed in Poland dates back to the Soviet era.