Chandrababu:development has stopped completely and corruption has increased in AP.

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)
TDP chief Chandrababu criticized that development has stopped completely and corruption has increased in AP. He reiterated that TDP governance is necessary for the state to improve.
Adoni: TDP chief Chandrababu criticized that development has stopped completely in AP and corruption has increased. He reiterated that TDP governance is necessary for the state to improve. Chandrababu spoke at a roadshow organized in Adoni as part of his visit to Kurnool district. 

“In the state, charges are being levied on everything. Finally, even garbage was taxed. Land grabbing everywhere in the state. There is no sand to be found anywhere. If anyone questions, they attack. They are playing with the lives of the poor by selling inferior liquor. Jagan is not accepting money online in wine shops due to the fear of ED raids. Sand and liquor duty has increased in the state. Farmers were flooded with substandard cotton seeds. Jagan, who is in Tadepalli, should see the Paytm batch about what the people of Adoni are saying about wanting a single capital. If Jagan has the guts, Adoni should come and ask about the 3 capitals.

150 canteens were removed and people’s stomachs were beaten

Canteens that are useful for the poor in the state have been removed. A total of 150 canteens were removed.. People’s stomachs were beaten. Tamil Nadu CM Stalin said that Amma canteen will continue. As soon as TDP comes to power, I will set up such canteens in the centers of each mandal. AP ranks last in terms of development. I know how to earn money. Jagan knows how to pledge assets. Even Rajasekhar Reddy did not dare to file a case against me. What will Adoni MLA do after filing cases? They are trying to scare me. I fear no one but the people.

Some channels are being blocked. We have the right to watch channels of our choice. We have a responsibility to protect democracy. They want to make AP a criminal state. During Vaikapa’s rule, the unemployed people fell on the road. I gave IT weapon to the unemployed. I brought the education revolution. Female children are working in big IT companies. There was a situation where only female children were given dowry and married. TDP is a party that creates wealth. There is no investment in the state during Vaikapa regime. AP has brought about a situation that investors are afraid of. A poor man cannot be poor. My aim is to provide welfare to everyone and make them rich. Leaders of Vaikapa should know that they cannot stop the sun by covering half their hand. We are ready whenever elections are held. Send it to the assembly after blessing it with full heart.