Modi: Come.. let’s create a new world: Modi’s call at the G-20 platform

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Prime Minister Modi, who participated in the G-20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, gave a long speech on various topics including climate change, covid epidemic and war situation in Ukraine.

Bali: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called on the G-20 platform for the whole world to work together to establish a peaceful situation in Ukraine, which has been affected by the Russian invasion. He told the world leaders that we all have the responsibility to create a new world after the Covid pandemic. The G-20 summit began on Tuesday in Bali, Indonesia. Prime Minister Modi gave a long speech in this conference. He mentioned various topics including climate change, covid epidemic, war situation in Ukraine.

Now it’s our turn..

“We all need to find a solution to bring back the diplomatic channel and the ceasefire in Ukraine. In the last century, the Second World War created great destruction in the world. After that, the then world leaders made great efforts to establish peace. Now it’s our turn. Climate changes, corona epidemic, war situation in Ukraine.. are now creating havoc in the world. Global supply chains have been disrupted by these developments. That’s why we should all be united. We all have the responsibility to create a new world after the covid pandemic. It is important to move forward with collective determination to strengthen peace, harmony and security in the world. The G-20 summit will be held next year on the ground where Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi walked. India is confident that it will give a strong message for world peace on that platform,” Modi asserted.

No restrictions on fuel supply..

On this occasion, Modi also mentioned about Western restrictions on Russian oil and gas purchases. “India is a fast growing economy. Hence India’s energy security is also paramount for global growth. In this context, we should not encourage any restrictions and restrictions on fuel supply. Modi called for stability in the energy market. Further, the Prime Minister made it clear that India is committed to environmental protection and clean energy. “By 2030, half of our electricity will be generated from renewable sources. “It is important to provide sustainable technology to developing countries for energy production from renewable sources and to be economically viable,” Modi said.

Modi said that food and financial crises have arisen in many parts of the world today, due to which many people are facing difficult situations. There is no doubt that international organizations like the United Nations are also failing to solve these problems. Modi emphasized the need to take key decisions at this G-20 platform to stand by such people.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo will hand over the reins of the G20 presidency to India at the closing ceremony of the summit. Modi will personally invite the leaders of the member states to attend the conference of the alliance to be held in our country next year.