Directorate Revenue Intelligence Officers,Busted International level Drug racket nabbed a Man from Telangana Recovered 14 kgs of heroin Worth Rs.100 Crore Seized at KIAL Airport

Pramesh S Jain & Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

DRI officials of Bengaluru unit busted a major drug haul and arested a 45 year old man from Telangana and recovered 14 kgs of heroin concealed under false case of a bag he was carrying .

The value of the seized drugs estimated to be Rs.100 crore.

DRI officials said,as from July we are keeping surveillance on passengers coming from Addis Ababa and based on tip off we checked a passengers luggage and his Carrier we found huge quantity of drugs in his possession immediately he was detained.

The accused was pinned down as soon as he was landed at the Kempegowda International airport from Addis ababa.

The accused had gone to Adisababa to search job and suspected to be roped in by international drug cartel offering him the job of carrier.

The accused was offered money along with tickets and stay in star hotel with an assignment to hand over the parcel to a contact in Delhi.

The accused soon after landing in KIA supposed to take a flight to Delhi,where he was supposed to meet his contact and hand over the consignment soon after getting out of Airport.

This is the 8th case the DRI busted since july 15 this year.

Senior officers in the DRI said that special operations against Narcotics has been launched since July as the drugs smuggling linked to Addis ababa are on the rise.

The total values of the seized drugs from all the 8 cases estimated to be Rs.250 crores.

The officials suspected that same international drug racket is operating and they are enrolling new faces as mules to smuggle drugs..