BJP lost again in Tamluk Cooperative Election at Medinipur , TMC wins mostly in all seats

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:The existence of the BJP is gradually fading in Medinipur. As a result, the dream of Tamluk Cooperative Election (BJP) to win Medinipur is getting crushed in one cooperative vote. Sunday was the election of DimariTrishakti Cooperative Agricultural Development Society of Shahid Matangini block. The BJP leaders (Tamluk Cooperative Vote-BJP) put a lock on their faces when the result of that vote came out.The reason is that Trinamool Congress candidates won 61 seats of this 68-seat cooperative society. The rest have to be searched through binoculars. CPM won 4 seats, BJP 2 and Congress 1. Ahead of the panchayat polls, the picture of acceptance of the opposition camp has become clear to the people. TMC’s District President MLA Soumen Mohapatra said, Trinamool is getting stronger. Traitors are thrown away by the people.