CM Bommai slams Congress leader Satish Jarkiholi for vitiating the atmosphere in society

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai accused Congress MLA Satish Jarkiholi of trying to vitiate the atmosphere in society through the statements.

Talking to reporters at Udupi Helipad here on Tuesday,he said that Satish’s statement has hurt the sentiments of people of this country.

The Congress Party is doing appeasement policy just for the sake of votes and making such half baked statements without any in-depth study.

They are under the wrong impression of getting the minority votes through such statements.By doing this, the Congress leaders are trying to disturb the very foundation of belief of every Indian.

Creating problems within any country amounts to the act of ‘anti-nationalism’.Everyone must condemn such acts. However, the Congress Party has been acting as if it is supporting such a statement.

*Why silence?

The CM questioned the stoic silence of former AICC President Rahul Gandhi and Leader of the Opposition in State Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah who shout at trivial matters.

Their silence will indicate their approval for Satish’s statement. If the Congress fails to open its mouth if the sentiments of the majority Hindus are hurt, what does it mean?.

Will lose its identity

Bommai said Jarkiholi was still defending his statement and the Congress Party must offer an unconditional apology and regret for such a heinous act.

If it fails to do so,that party will lose its whatever little identity prevailing in the country.Already, the electorate of the country have shown the place to the Congress Party.

The statement by Satish was not only prejudiced but planned.Seeing statements issued by various people of various parties on different situations against the feelings,thinking and heritage of the Hindus, time has come not only to stop agitations but also their talks.

*If innocent,why scared?

Reacting to MP D.K.Suresh’s statement on harassment by CBI, he said why Suresh must get scared if he has not done any mistake. On the one hand, the MP says he was ready to face any probe and on the other hand he complains of harassment.


On the Congress leaders’ statements on giving the gift of victory to the newly-elected AICC President Mallikarjun Kharge, the CM said those leaders have spoken about the Hindus but they too part of it.Let us see who will give gifts to whom”.