Inauguration of French-Indo Chamber of Commerce CM Bommai extends invitation to start Airbus Manufacturing Unit in Karnataka

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

C hief Minister Basavaraj Bommai extended an invitation for the French Aerospace companies to set up their units in Karnataka.

Speaking after inaugurating the French-Indo Chamber of Commerce at Palace Ground here on Thursday,he said the French Aerospace companies are in Karnataka.

The Airbus like companies have set up their units and are in expansion mode.The State has a big manufacturing unit in the Aerospace sector and the manufacturing of the aeroplane parts is happening here. In the coming days the State has an aim of having complete aero plane manufacturing companies.

Currently, the Airbus and the Boeing companies are in this sector. The state government is ready to extend full cooperation to set up the Airbus unit here, he added.

“Be near market”

Bommai said both India and France share an old bond and the French language is still spoken in Pondicherry.

Lot of French nationals visit Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry.Thanks to globalization, the countries are now searching for new markets. Ultimately, they must be near the market.

India, the biggest manufacturing country
He said India is a big populated country and a nation with advanced technology.

It’s a largest manufacturing nation and more than it is a biggest market too.The people come here in search of skill,technology and marketing opportunities.

India is the next future and it is growing in all the sectors under the able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As the western countries are suffering from price rise and economic recession,they are in search of nations with strong economies and markets.

We have a strong market.India showed 7-8 per cent GDP during Covid times and this shows our strength.

The big population is a boon to us and the same is helpful in manufacturing too.Extension is a small word but the right word will be upgradation to take it to greater heights”.

Be partner in India’s economic growth

He said both India and France can develop through mutual cooperation.India is a most progressive nation and has been in the forefront in IT/BT, Aerospace, Renewable Energy and others.

Be a partner in India’s economic development.Both India and Karnataka are ideal for investment and the French companies are welcomed to be the partners in development,success,technology and market. For this purpose,Global Investors Meet is being hosted”.

France Ambassador in India Emanuel and Karnataka Large & Medium Scale Industries Minister Murgesh Nirani were present.