Munugode bypoll: Voted for

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Sporadic incidents..The by-election polling of Munugodu constituency ended at 6 pm on Thursday amid tension. By that time, all those who had lined up were given the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

93.13% polling in Munugodu

Amidst the tension in the by-election
, clashes between BJP and Teras factions in some areas, the
voting lasted till 10.30 pm in many villages
, counting of votes on 6


Current voting percentage.. 93.13

Voter turnout in 2018 election.. 91.31

Today, Nalgonda: Sporadic incidents..The by-election polling of Munugodu constituency ended at 6 pm on Thursday amid tension. By that time, all those who had lined up were given the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. Voted till 10.30 pm. The last EVM reached the strongroom after midnight around 1.30 pm. The strongroom was sealed at 4.40 am on Friday morning. A record turnout was recorded in the by-election. Officials revealed that 93.13 percent voting was recorded across the constituency. Out of total 2,41,805 voters, 2,25,192 of them exercised their right to vote.

 While the main parties are expressing their confidence on the victory, their fate will be known in the counting of votes to be held in Nalgonda on 6th of this month. From the morning, Terasa and BJP lines clashed in many places across the constituency. Complaints have been made to the election officials about each other. Polling in this by-election, which came with the resignation of MLA Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy, started a bit sluggish in the morning. Polling started a bit late in some booths due to EVMs beeping. At the end of 1 pm, 41.30 percent polling was recorded.. After that, the voters formed a queue. It is remarkable that around 36 percent polling was recorded between 1 pm and 5 pm. As there are not enough wheelchairs for the elderly and disabled, they have difficulty in voting. 15 of the 47 candidates, including Terasa and Congress candidates Kusukuntla Prabhakar Reddy and Sravathi, exercised their right to vote.

Clashes since morning

Clashes between Teras and BJP leaders have taken place in the constituency since morning. 

* When the Congress leaders staged a dharna at the polling booth of the high school in Munugodu mandal center, saying that Teras and BJP were campaigning with scarves, the police rectified the situation. Former MP Vivek PA Ramana Rao was detained by the police at Munugodu Center on the grounds that he was going to distribute the money.

*  When the BJP leaders complained to the police about the presence of non-locals in the Chandur municipality, the police resorted to lathis as a scuffle broke out between the Teras and BJP leaders. Doti Venkatesh Yadav, husband of Chandur Municipal Vice Chairman Sujatha, alleged that she was beaten up while standing in a queue to cast her vote. Police seized Rs 2 lakh brought to distribute to voters in Chandur. 

*  In Lenin Colony of Bangarigadda under Chandur Municipality, some women protested in front of a major party leaders that they did not receive money. As a result, the leaders of the party gave money and they exercised their right to vote.

*  In Marriguda Mandal Kendra, Terasa activists from Siddipet are tempting the voters. The police resorted to baton charge to disperse them. Leaders of other parties stopped BJP candidate Rajagopal Reddy who came to inspect the polling station in Sivannagudem in the same mandal. BJP workers brought to Rajagopal Reddy’s attention that the police were attacking them indiscriminately in Marriguda. Due to this, he expressed his anger on Devarakonda DSP Nageshwar Rao and many other CIs and SSIs. The Terasa leaders pelted stones at Rajagopal Reddy’s convoy at Sarampeta in the same mandal and the police intervened and sent him away. In this incident, a police officer got minor injuries as he fell into the nearby sewer.

*  Police handed over Rs.10 lakh found in a car in Mallapurajupalli, Nampally mandal to the election officials.

*  The people of Tanda area of Gattuppala mandal with 376 votes boycotted the election. They voted after the higher officials spoke to the village sarpanchi who said that there is no infrastructure in their thanda and they will vote only if their problems are resolved. In the house of a leader belonging to a party in the mandal center Rs. 2.93 lakh was seized.

*  Independent candidate KA Paul tried to attract voters by promoting his symbol by wearing rings on all the fingers of both hands.

They are spreading bad propaganda against me

-Congress candidate Sravanti 

Congress candidate Palvai Sravanti has complained to CEO Vikasraj that they are spreading evil propaganda against him on social media with a morphing photo. When he was presented with the videos related to this… the CEO confirmed it and sent it to the relevant media and said that appropriate action would be taken. 

Money was distributed in police jeeps

-BJP candidate Komati Reddy Rajagopal Reddy

BJP candidate Komati Reddy Rajagopal Reddy alleged that Teras leaders brought money in police jeeps and distributed it to the voters. He was angry that even though the Teras people pelted stones at him, the police played pranks and lathi-charged the BJP workers indiscriminately. 

BJP is distributing cash and liquor

– Minister Jagdish Reddy 

Minister Jagadish Reddy complained over the phone to the Chief Electoral Officer Vikasraj that BJP is distributing liquor and cash in Chautuppal, Narayanapuram, Chandur and Nampally mandals. 

Peaceful by-election

“Earlier by-election ended peacefully. 92 percent polling was recorded till 10.30 pm. A total of 98 complaints were received from various political parties. The officials at the field level responded immediately. We have also sent those complaints to the Central Election Commission. We sent out 70 people who are not related to the constituency. 3.29 kg of gold ornaments…cash and other items worth Rs. 8.27 crores have been seized. Due to disturbances during polling, six ballots, three control units and nine VVpads were changed. Voting machines will be kept in strong room. We have prepared a plan for the counting of votes on Sunday.

– State Chief Electoral Officer Vikasraj with reporters on Thursday night 


Special Correspondent of ‘Enadu’ from Munugodu: Many scenes have taken place in the Munugodu by-election. The temptation continued till the end. Voters did not come out of their houses in many areas because they gave less amount. With this, Batimali paid another thousand rupees and some leaders took them to the polling stations. 

The party cadre is in turmoil

Villagers in some mandals openly criticized that no one paid attention till the polling morning saying that they had been waiting for some days for some parties to distribute large amount of money in the by-election. A party refused to take Rs.1000 in many places. Even after two hours of polling in Gattuppala and Chandur mandals, local leaders were sweating as voters did not come. In Marriguda, Narayanapuram and Munugodu mandals, the voters of some villages along the main roads also did not come out to vote till afternoon. It is known that a party who had already given some amount finally settled by giving some more. It is reported that another party secretly distributed Rs.500 at ten o’clock and satisfied their followers. In Chautuppal and Narayanapuram mandals, the leaders were confused as some elderly people did not correctly tell which symbol they had voted for.   

Patnam vote.. very expensive Guru!

Those living in Hayatnagar, LBnagar, Ramantapur and other areas of Mumbai and Hyderabad reached the villages in the afternoon in special vehicles. It is known that some parties distributed Rs.4 thousand on the spot as people from Chautuppal, Narayanapuram, Chandur, Marriguda and Munugodu mandals came in large numbers. When the locals came to know about this, they protested in some places saying that they were given Rs.3 thousand and more to those who came from outside.

Voter apathy in East Andheri

Delhi: In the by-elections to seven assembly seats in six states across the country on Thursday, Andheri East in Maharashtra recorded the lowest voter turnout of around 32%. Excluding Munugodu, in the remaining five constituencies more than 51 to 75 percent voters exercised their right. Officials said the election ended peacefully except for sporadic incidents. The Samajwadi Party has accused the ruling BJP of encroaching some polling booths in UP.