Russia: Russia’s hopes on that ‘General’ who defeated Hitler..!

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Russia is sharpening its World War II tactics. Ukraine is making defense strategies to protect the territories it has already occupied.

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In Russia’s arsenal is nature’s most powerful weapon. The Russians also defeated the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte and Hitler who shook the world with this weapon. The Kremlin is preparing conditions to use this invisible weapon against Ukraine and NATO forces in a few weeks. Recently NATO is also worried about this weapon. That weapon is winter. Russians respectfully call Winter, who won many key battles, as ‘General Winter’ or ‘General Frost’.

Why is snow dangerous in Russia?

Winter in Russia is very harsh. Invasion and occupation of Russia in this season is tantamount to suicide for enemy forces. By depriving the opponents of the necessary resources.. Just follow the self-defense strategy. Normal vehicles are not enough to move forward in this cold. Weapons require special lubricants to function. Troops need special clothing and shoes. If the soldiers are injured, it means giving up hope for life. There are health problems caused by cold.

There is no one who won this cold in history..

* In 1708, King Charles XII of Sweden invaded Russia. Then the Russians implemented the scorched-earth strategy. The harshest winter in the 18th century was a boon for the Russians. Charles’s force before the battle was 35,000, but by the end of the war, it had fallen to 19,000. After this war, the Swedish Empire began to fall. 

* In 1812, Napoleon’s forces invaded Russia and occupied Moscow. But, after that the Russian winters were severely damaged due to the cold. 10 thousand people of Napoleon’s troops died in one night in November. It can be understood how much the cold affected.

* During World War II, Hitler launched ‘Operation Barbarossa’ in September 1941 to target Moscow without predicting Russia’s ice. This attack was completely bedeviled. More than 30 lakh soldiers invaded Russia. But here too German soldiers suffered heavy losses due to Russian winter. In December, Soviet forces launched a counterattack and drove out the German forces. This defeat started the downfall of Nazi Germany in World War II.  

The situation in Ukraine is a little different.. but..

Napoleon and Hitler’s armies were not used to the Russian cold. But, neighboring Ukraine is well aware of this situation. During the cold season, a lot of fuel and electricity is needed to keep the homes and military bases warm. Knowing this, Russian forces are attacking Ukraine’s electricity and drinking water systems. Russia has already taken over the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and separated it from the Ukrainian grid. Due to this, almost 30 percent electricity availability has decreased for Ukraine. On the other hand, there are rumors that Moscow is trying to blow up the Kakhovka Dam in southern Ukraine. If this happens, the availability of hydropower will also decrease for Ukraine. In addition, the situation in Ukraine has become difficult due to Russia’s attacks on drinking water supplies. All this is part of Russia’s efforts to create harsh winter conditions. As the cold increases, there is a situation where there is no heat in the houses or people migrate or die of cold. As a result, the demands of the people to reach a compromise with Russia and cease war will increase.

On the other hand, Ukraine focused on recapturing its territories by attacking Kherson and Kharkiv. Due to shorter daylight hours and harsher weather, the Ukrainian army needs to be more active than on normal days. Sensors and weapons malfunction. There will be a situation where even Russian troops will not be able to penetrate into Ukraine. On the other hand, many NATO countries are providing the necessary supplies to Ukraine in winter. 5 lakh winter uniforms have already arrived from Canada. NATO also recently met on winter aid to Ukraine. 

Russia’s ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ Strategy

Russia is implementing ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ strategy in Luhansk region to prevent Ukrainian troops from advancing quickly. In this, in a triangle, heavy blocks are buried in two rows for kilometers. Mines are being laid in their vicinity. This work is being done by the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary force in the Luhansk region. Tanks and military vehicles cannot pass through them fast. This is a defensive strategy. The Russians followed this same strategy against Nazi Germany in World War II. If the bone-biting cold and obstacles like dragon’s teeth prevent the Ukrainian troops from advancing, Russia will get time to strengthen the defense of the territories it has already occupied.