Hora Hori..  for the victory

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Earlier, the campaign for the by-election for the Legislative Assembly seat reached star level. Along with Terasah, BJP, Congress, BSP and independent candidates are campaigning.

Campaigning in Munugodu From today ,

the focus of major parties on the votes of neutrals
, last efforts to win the sympathy of the voters
, distribution of money and liquor
from Munugodu to today Special correspondent

Earlier, the campaign for the by-election for the Legislative Assembly seat reached star level. Along with Terasah, BJP, Congress, BSP and independent candidates are campaigning. The campaign will end at six o’clock on Tuesday evening, with mutual accusations, buying of leaders, temptations to voters, meetings, meetings and house visits. The major political parties who have taken this election seriously are now engaged in making arrangements to turn the voters towards them and make sure that they come to the polling booths and vote. On the other hand, money and liquor were opened for distribution. On the final day of the campaign, while Ministers KTR and Harish Rao will hold roadshows on behalf of Teras, BJP will hold bike rallies in some mandals and Congress women’s rally. 2,41,855 previous voters in 298 polling booths will decide the future of political parties. While Teresa and BJP are fully focused to win here, Congress also struggled to consolidate its position. While there were 47 candidates in the fray, Praveen Kumar, who resigned from IPS and joined BSP, fielded a candidate on behalf of that party and campaigned hard. As the party is likely to get a moderate number of votes, it has become a topic of discussion as to who will be affected by it. Some independent candidates also made their voice heard strongly in some villages.

KCR participated in two public meetings

On behalf of Teras, Chief Minister and Party President KCR participated in the public meetings held in Chandur on 30th of last month before the notification of the election. Ministers including KTR and Harish Rao worked by mandal wise. MLAs, MLCs and other public representatives took responsibility by villages. Every voter was screened. Teresa is working hard to shake off the hold of the Left. Terasa is working on strengthening the local cadre of Communist parties in Narayanapuram, Chautuppal and Munugodu mandals.

BJP campaign with 40 star campaigners

More than 40 star campaigners campaigned vigorously on behalf of BJP. Union Minister Kishan Reddy, State President Bandi Sanjay, OBC Morcha President Laxman, MLA Etala Rajender and others have widely campaigned. From the beginning, MLA Etala Rajender and former MP Vivek Munugodu campaigned with the candidate Rajagopal Reddy in the constituency. RSS and ABVP activists made a full appearance and went door-to-door three or four times and coordinated between the old BJP workers in the constituency and those who came along with Rajagopal Reddy and carried out an effective campaign in these four days. As the campaign drew to a close, the fighting was fierce.

Targeting the traditional vote bank

The Congress, which has stepped up its campaign in the last few days, is trying hard to retain the traditional votes. Along with candidate Sravanti, chief leaders and leaders from other districts also participated in the campaign. Congress candidate is meeting the voters saying give it a chance. Rahul Gandhi is also using the Jodo Yatra organized in the state in the campaign. However, the extent to which she will be able to withstand the financial strength of other parties before polling has become a topic of discussion.

Voter turnout

As the polling date draws closer, voters are observing secrecy. Many people who had expressed their opinion that a certain party would be better two days ago, looked confused on Monday. Some say that this situation is due to secret meetings held at night and promises made. Leaders of various parties say that there is no opinion about the support from some of the middle class and later level families. This situation was mostly seen in Chautuppal town and Munugodu mandal. In this context, political parties mainly focused on getting the support of neutral voters.

Annoyance with chitki mati phones

Chautuppal Gramin, Newstoday: Phone calls are annoying voters in the past. There are repeated phone calls from both the major parties asking them to vote for their party. Voters are facing trouble as these are coming during emergency work and while driving. The main leaders are not missing this problem.

Liquor entering the villages

On the other hand, liquor dumps are being delivered to all the villages. While all the parties relied heavily on alcohol…mainly both parties relied on cash. It was learned that a party moved liquor dumps in school buses without raising any suspicion. It is reported that 10-15 year old school children are being used to distribute money to other parties. Steps are being taken to put money in their bags and distribute it to those in the wards.

Bundles of notes are being cut!

Today, Nalgonda: As the Munugodu by-election campaign reaches its final stage, the major parties are open for distributions. It is reliably learned that a major party distributed Rs.3 thousand per vote in some villages of Chautuppal and Narayanapuram mandals on Monday night and Rs.4 thousand in Munugodu mandal. It is learned that the party leaders have decided to complete this process in about three mandals on Monday night. It is reported that another major party is expected to make dispatches from Tuesday morning. It seems that they can give up to Rs.1000 more than the previous party. While one party decided to distribute 70 percent to the voters in each village, the other party is ready to distribute 50 percent. In general, whoever is moved is heard saying ‘Let’s see who gives how much’.