Two Notorious HBT offenders arrested by Govindarajnagar police recovered valuables worth Rs.5 Lakhs

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya

The Govindarajnagar police have arrested two house break thieves and recovered valuables worth Rs.5 lakh from them.

The accused Imran Khan,26 and Salman Khan,28 from KR Puram and Gurappanapalya used to move around the residential areas to identify the locked houses.

The accused would then keep a watch for few hours before breaking into it. While one of them get into the house the other keep a watch outside to alert in case of any “ danger”.

The accused would then pawn the stolen valuables and spend the money on vices .

Based on a house break theft case reported,the Govindarajnagar police with the help of technical evidence track down the accused .

With their arrest the police have cracked two house break theft cases reported in Govindarajnagar and Chamarajapet police station limits.

The police are further investigating to ascertain their criminal background.