CM Bommai opens ‘Sant Samavesh in Kanneri Siddagiri Mutt;Invites to set up Kanneri Mutt in Karnataka

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

C hief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Monday invited to establish Kanneri Mutt in Karnataka.

Speaking after inaugurating ‘Sant Samavesh’ in Kolhapur,he promised to extend all the cooperation to set up the mutt in Karnataka.

A Rs three crore grant has been provided to construct Karnataka Bhavan in Kanneri Mutt and the work will start soon.Another Rs 2 crore will be provided in the coming days.

Gurus needed for intellectual works

The CM said it was possible to do physical works but intellectual works need gurus.He has been inspired by this sacred place.

I am feeling happy to participate in the convention of good hearted saints and this is my first visit to this place.

After seeing the devotional works of this mutt I feel this as the most ideal mutt in the country. Any mutt which needs to be called as ideal must have its own ideal qualities.

This mutt has been doing religious, social and economic revolution silently.Devotion means extreme love and that can be seen here.

We have forgotten the gap between civilization and culture as they think that civilization is our culture.It is getting separated because of modernization.

This is not a good development.The culture grows through truth and dharma and that is found in mutts

India has been a land of Samskara and Samskruthi and most of the Bhakthi Chaluvali have continuously happened here.The spiritual thinking and spiritual gurus are in this country”.

Bommai said the government has implemented ‘Punyakoti’ scheme under which around Rs.100 crore was collected every month.As many as one lakh cows are protected from people’s contributions.

Jnanayogi Shri Siddeshwara swamiji,Kanneri Siddagiri Mutt Adrushya Kadusiddeshwara Swamiji, Ministers,C.C.Patil,Govind Karjol, Shashikala Jolle,Murgesh Nirani and V.Somanna were present.