‘हर काम देश के नाम’

Giving yet another testimony of its undying commitments towards safety and security of civilians, the Indian Army rescues a 12 years old girl from a 400 feet deep borewell, stuck at 60 feet in Gajanvav Village of Dhrangadhra Taluka in Surendranagar.

Manisha had fallen in the Borewell at around 05:00 am on 29 July 2022. Post various attempts by local villagers and Civil Administration, Indian Army at Dhrangadhra Military Station was requisitioned by Civil Administration for rescue of the child at
08:55 am.

Understanding the gravity of the situation and requirement for a swift and prompt action, Golden Katar Gunners immediately dispatched a rescue team under Major Bharat Panwar, suitably equipped with essential rescue equipment like Manila Rope, Search Light, Safety Harness and Carabiner.

The team reached the site within 35 minutes even being 19 kilometers away from the Cantonment and immediately took control of the situation. The girl was stuck at a depth of 60 feet, half unconscious, unable to move her hands and body. The rescue team immediately analysed the situation and ingeniously modified a rope knot which can rescue the girl through her only hand which was seen from the top. After repeated attempts, the knot could successfully hold the hand of the girl, thereafter the rescue team deliberately and harmlessly pulled her out of the Borewell within 45 minutes, successfully accomplishing such a complex rescue operation in an exemplary manner.

Thereafter, the child was rushed to the nearest Government Hospital in Dhrangadhra for first aid. Manisha’s vitals are presently said to be fine, she’s, however, still being monitored in the hospital.

Timely and prompt response by Indian Army re-established the synergy between Indian Army and civil administration which enabled successful execution of a rescue operation. The villagers and the civil administration paid their heartfelt gratitude to Indian Army for saving the girl.