Gujarat: The Karnavati University and Regional Technical Node of Southern Command entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 29 September 2022 to facilitate technical Infusion in specific thrust areas under the jurisdiction of the Command. This would be done by Karnavati University providing Start-Ups an opportunity to showcase technical solutions or products based on certain identified needs of the Army. The University has enabled creation of an ecosystem conducive for indigenization of Defence Oriented innovations and technologies under the program of ‘Design for Defence’

Speaking on the occasion Lieutenant General J S Nain, Army Commander Southern Command brought out that future battles will increasingly be more complex, ambiguous, fought in a multi domain centric warfare environment often in the Grey Zone. This demands incorporation of such technical solutions for the Army to overcome these challenges to be future ready and empowered to fight the next Generation War. With the availability of niche technologies having place both in the civil and the military, it is thus important that we collaborate to harness such fields that we have expertise in such technologies or areas being Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Internet of Things, Geographical tagging and referencing, surveillance, security solutions, simulations and 3D Printing.

He praised the efforts of Karnavati University and the defence startups for their efforts towards achieving ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ in defence technology. He was confident that the vision conceptualized by this Memorandum of Understanding will enable us to have a prominent place in the defence manufacturing sector industries in the near future.