PFI: Ban on PFI.. Reasons..!

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Central government has banned Islamic extremist organization Popular Front of India (PFI) and its affiliates for five years. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and other investigative agencies have recently carried out a massive operation on the homes and offices of PFI members. More than 250 PFI members and activists were arrested by the NIA in two raids within a week. As many key issues came to light in these searches, the Center took action against this organization. And what are the reasons for banning PFI? Do you know about NIA searches? Such details have been revealed by Central Home Ministry sources and intelligence sources.

* Popular Front of India is one of the most powerful Islamic extremist organizations. PFI and its affiliates are spread across 17 states across the country. PFI members are accused in many cases related to violence, crime, terrorism and illegal activities. This organization is training its members with the aim of inciting communal hatred between the two communities.

* More than 1300 criminal cases have been registered against PFI members and its affiliates in various states. Police and NIA officials have registered these cases under UAPA, Explosives and Arms Prevention Act.

* There have been several reports that PFI has links with international terrorist groups. Evidence has emerged that some PFI activists in Kerala have joined the Islamic State organization and participated in terrorist activities in countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. NIA and state police have arrested some activists working with ISIS in the past. Also, there are allegations that PFI has links with Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen.

* In 2021, an RSS worker was killed in Kerala. Earlier in 2019, Hindu leader V. Ramalingam was also murdered. PFI activists are the prime accused in these cases. Besides, there have been cases of killing of many Hindu supporters by members of this organization in the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in the past. Al-Qaeda and Islamic State training videos from PFI members who were accused in these cases were available at that time.

* In June 2021, police found explosives and jihadi literature in a forest area in Kerala’s Kollam district. This forest area is used as a military training center by the PFI.

* In April 2013, a large number of weapons and explosives were found in a PFI training camp in Kannur district of Kerala. At that time, the NIA conducted an investigation and the court found 41 PFI members guilty. There are allegations that PFI is giving military-style training under the guise of skill training to the youth. The investigation revealed that it is instilling hatred in the youth against a group and training them for attacks.

* The PFI, which claims to be a social organization, has brutally murdered prominent Hindu activist Praveen Nettaru in Karnataka this year. That incident created a sensation across the country at that time. All those arrested in this case are PFI workers.

* PFI receives funds from abroad for its activities. All these are coming from suspicious people and organizations. Investigating agencies found that more than 100 bank accounts belonging to PFI did not match the financial details of the clients. Therefore, the Center has withdrawn the PFI registration status under certain sections of the IT Act.

* In the recent searches conducted by NIA, many evidences related to terrorist activities have been found. Officials found bomb-making documents and ISIS videos in the homes of members of this organization. Officials found that this organization is plotting to convert India into an Islamic state.