Chance of cyclone in Bay of Bengal, Bengal may be flooded with rain from Durga Puja Saptami Day

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata: Durga Puja has started in Bengal. The whole state is decorated with lights. Crowded pandal from Mahalaya. It is needless to say that this crowd will increase several times in Saptami-Ashtami. But bad news for the people of the state at the beginning of Puja.In this year’s Puja (Durga Puja 2022), both Bengals may float in rain, said the Hawa office. That is, rain can be a hindrance to pandal hopping. However, meteorologists have not been able to say anything about this for sure.The power of Corona has decreased a lot. As a result, this year’s puja is different for everyone. From Mahalaya, people flocked from pavilion to pavilion. As the night progresses, so does the crowd. In this situation, the forecast of the weather department is the responsibility of the people of Bengal. Sanjeev Banerjee, an official of the Meteorological Department, said on Monday afternoon, “It is believed that a cyclone may form in the northeast Bay of Bengal on October 1 i.e. on the 6th.”Due to which heavy rain is likely to occur in South Bengal from October 2, Saptami. Chance of rain in North Bengal from October 4.” However, there is no chance of rain till the 1st, according to Alipur Meteorological Department.