Dalit boy fined Rs.60,000 for touching procession idols in Kolar

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya

Two days after a shocking incident of village panchayath slapped fine of Rs.60,000 on a dalit minor boy for accidentally touching the wooden pole of a village deity,after forced him and his mother out of the village,the Masti police have registered a case against the eight members of the village panchayath under various sections of the Scheduled castes and schedules tribes , prevention of Atrocities Act.

Eerie silence shrouded at the Hurulukere village in Kolar since Sunday after the village Panchayath members slapped a hefty fine on a minor boy from backward community and his mother,ordering them to pay compensation of Rs. 60,000 for touching the pole attached to the village deity chariot accidentally during a procession on Sunday .

There were difference of opinion cropped up among the various communities but no one dared to go against the dictact of the Panchayath.

It all started on Sunday when villagers in a festive mood was carrying the procession of Bhootamma idol, the village deity as part of the 300 years tradition to all the five villagers and reached the village of the dalit boy .

The boy (Chethan Kumar),student of SSLC lives with his mother,who is a domestic help at an apartment complex in Kadugodi.

The victim noticed one of the man carrying the chariot stopped for a while to take a rest and supported it with a wooden pole,which was about to slip.Noticing this the victim held the pole to stop the chariot from falling.

Venkateshappa,one of the organizer noticed this and accused him of defiling the deity and complained to the village panchayath .

The panchayath members comprising of President,Vice President and 6 members summoned the mother of the boy,who worked as house keeping at an apartment in Kadugodi the next day and slapped a fine of Rs.60,000 to cleanse the deity .

The family was also asked to get out of the village and not return until the money is arranged.
Shocked family,stayed the whole night outside the villager before some of their community members rushed to their help and escalated the issue .

Considering the magnitude of the incident, Deputy Commissioner of Kolar district and the Superintendent of Police,D Devraj,visited the village on Tuesday,held talks to create an awareness among the villagers .

The Jurisdictional masti police have also been directed to booked the pachayath members under various provisions of the SC ST atrocities act and,effort are on to track down the members who are on the run.

The DC also counselled the mother of the boy assured to get her a job and a residential site as part of rehab package while assured strict action against the accused .

SP D. Devraj who counselled the villagers told them the ill effect of practice of untouchability.

You visit the famous Tirupathi temple,will they ask your caste before letting you enter the temple or refuse food,Mr.Devraj, asked.He asked the villagers to live in harmony and not indulge in such evil practice.