Are they administrative buildings!

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

APTDC has been known as a tourist building for a long time 

Clarification of ‘Administrative Buildings’ in the plan

GVMC approved the ‘Rushikonda Project’ plan


Visakhapatnam: The Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has given permission for the ‘plan’ of constructions undertaken to remove Rushikonda in Visakhapatnam. But it is noteworthy that the plan also mentions ‘Administrative Buildings’. Since the beginning of speculations that this building is being constructed for the Chief Minister’s camp office at Rushikonda, the tourism department has been denying it. It is said that they will build a state-of-the-art tourism project with entertainment centers of international standards. But in the plan approved by the GVMC on the 9th of this month, it is noteworthy that all the designs sent by the State Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) are similar to the administrative buildings.. It is mentioned as ‘Administrative Buildings’. It has been mentioned in the plan that Vengi, Gajapati, Kalinga and Vizianagaram blocks have been allowed to be constructed with ground and first floor. 1,713.22 sq.m. Administration Building in Vengi Block, Kitchen, Dormitory Buildings, 903.34 sq.m. Housekeeping structures in Gajapati block with an area of 6,581.49 sq.m. Kalinga, 3,193.56 sq.m. It is mentioned in the plan that suite rooms will be constructed in Vizianagaram block. And will these be used as administrative buildings belonging to the tourism department? Or whether it is the administration of the government remains to be seen.



Did you actually check it?

There are ongoing cases in both the High Court and the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on the issue that the construction work undertaken here by crushing the hill is being done against the rules.
It is known that most of the works are undertaken before the permission is received. Environmentalists allege that the GVMC officials have granted the permits without properly monitoring them. They say that even though the project should be examined in its entirety and see how far the CRZ and Supreme Court orders have been followed, they are not paying any attention to it. Even if they still don’t submit all the necessary documents, permits are given, will they do the same to common people? They are asking.

The rest is for future needs

The total area of Rushikonda is 69.65 acres. The Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) has taken coastal zone regularization zone (CRZ) approval for 9.88 acres for tourism revival project. It has taken permission from GVMC for a total of 69.65 acres. It is noteworthy that the rest of the land will be used for future needs.

Permit fee is for a period of five years

GVMC has suggested that all pending documents should be submitted while submitting the Occupancy Certificate. Payable for permits Rs. While the government has already approved the payment of 19 crores by APTDC within five years, under the remaining fees Rs. 83,805 along with no-objection fee of Rs. 1.53 lakhs, construction waste fee Rs. GVMC said that 80.57 lakhs should be built.