Gang of four including Woman abducted civil engineer at gun point promising government project,tortures him in bid to extort Rs.4 crore

Pramesh S Jain & Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

The Byatarayanapura police are on the lookout for a gang of four including a 32-year-old woman who abducted a civil engineer to extort a ransom of Rs.25 lakh at gun point from him on August 11 .

The accused are identified as Pushpavathy and her associates Santosh,Ayappa and Rakesh had demanded Rs.4 crore and after several rounds of negotiations they settled for Rs. 25 lakh,which the victim called his friend to arrange the amount .

The accused had tortured the victim Suraj Srinivasamurthy, 36,resident of Hanumanth Nagar,by assaulting him with belt after tying his hands and legs and gagged his mouth for several hours.

After the release,Suraj got admitted to Victoria hospital before he approached the Byatarayanapura police and filed a complaint on Thursday.

In his complaint Suraj said that he was introduced to Pushpavathy,through a realtor on assurance of getting government project.

Pushpavathy met him few times before inviting him to a office of charitable trust near Gaali Anjaneyswamy temple.

When Suraj went to the office Pushpavathy introduced him to a man identified as Santosh as PA to IAS officer.

While they were chatting over the project,two of Santosh associates identified as Ayyappa and Rakesh snatched his mobile phone and overpowered and tied his hands and legs at gun point .

While Suraj was baffled with their behaviour,the accused pulled out a revolver and threatened Suraj to kill him if he did not pay a ransom of Rs. 4 crore .

Suraj told them that he did not have that kind of money even if he sell his house.

However the accused were adamant and even said that he could consider the amount as loan and they would return,Suraj said in his complaint .

They tortured him for several hours to pester him to get the money and after several rounds of negotiations settled the amount for ₹ 25 lakh.

The accused forced Suraj to call his friend to arrange the amount and released him .

He further said that Pushpavathy had even threatened to foist a rape charged against Suraj if he complaint to the police .

The police have registered a case of assault, extortion,wrongful confinement,criminal intimidation and also under arms act on Thursday .

We suspect that something fishy in the entire episode and investigations are on to find out the exact reason behind the abduction said a senior officer.