Handcrafted Door Stoppers at IndianShelf for this festive season

New delhi -Diwali just two months away, the excitement has started building up. People have
started working on various interior elements, the hardware ones to begin with, like knobs,
hooks & door stoppers. Catering to the demand, IndianShelf has come up with a range of
contemporary and traditional door stoppers in a variety of material & designs.
Simple furniture accessories called door stoppers are used to halt the movement of doors orcabinet doors. Also, it's aesthetically pleasing and exhibits a welcoming aura to the guests.Now, talking about a door stopper, it's simple yet useful stuff we need in everyday life.
The spring stop is one of the best varieties of a stopper. It is probably one of the first stopper
types that comes to mind when you need to buy one. The rubber tip of the spring stopper
can be attached to the back of the door. These stoppers are available with a spring or a
piece of solid metal. These days, magnetic door stoppers are also available.The hinge pin door stop is a traditional design that most people choose. The middle of the door is where the hinge pin door stops are installed. The benefit of installing this stopper is
that there is no need to modify the wall. It also has a screw that controls how wide the door
opens.Choosing a floor-mounted stopper is beneficial if you don&39;t want to modify the door wall in any way.The best thing about these stoppers is how dependable they are. The mountinglocation of these stoppers is at the spot where the doorknob meets the wall.