Wall painter caught red handed stealing phone beaten Black and Blue,four persons booked by upparpet Police

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The Upparpet police have registered a case of of wrongful restrain and assault against a group of four passengers who beat up a 43-year-old wall painter black and blue after catching him red handed while stealing a phone from one of them.

The complainant,Afroz Bahadur,resident of HBR layout,in his complaint said that he is married and having two children.

Afroz said that he is jobless for many days and not even paid the rent not getting money to maintain family.

He went around the city in search of job but in vain.While returning home,he saw a passenger slipping mobile phone in his pocket and had a bad idea of stealing the phone to sell and make some money,Firoz confessed in his complaint .

However he was caught while trying to pick the phone and beaten up badly by a group of passengers .

They left Firoz battered and bruised on platform no.15 only to be rescued by the police and taken him to the hospital .

Now Firoz is being treated for his injuries and he cannot work for few more days in this situation, senior officer said.

After he getting recovery he will be arrested and taken into custody to ascertain his criminal background and efforts are on to nab the four passengers he added.