The speculation is true, Nitish Kumar’s resigns as CMBihar

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata: -The speculations that started in Bihar politics two days ago have come true. Nitish Kumar has resigned as the Chief Minister of Bihar. Nitish submitted his resignation letter to Governor Fagu Chauhan today. This  means the NDA period has officially ended in Bihar. Double engine got derailed at Bihar.After resigning, the outgoing Chief Minister of Bihar said that all the MPs and MLAs of his party have decided to leave the NDA together. This is the first time he has officially opened his mouth about the Bihar crisis. Nitish’s resignation meant the collapse of his entire cabinet. This cabinet also had 16 BJP ministers. They also lost their positions. No official statement has been given by BJP on this yet.However, Nitish will not have to stay away from the CM’s chair  for long. He will soon sit in the parliament again with RJD and Congress. After resigning, he went straight to the residence of Tejashwi Yadav and Rabri Devi. Sources claim that the final discussion on the formation of the new government will be held there. The preliminary talks on government formation between RJD, JDU and Congress have already been completed.The preliminary talks on government formation between RJD, JDU and Congress have already been completed. It is heard that the formula for the formation of the new government has also been prepared. According to the new formula, Nitish’s party JD(U) will hold the Chief Ministership. That means Nitish will be the Chief Minister againOn the other hand, according to the formula of the new government, Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister will be from RJD. In that case Tejaswi Yadav can sit in both these positions. On the other hand, the post of Speaker may go to the Congress. However, another source claims, the Congress may also get the post of second deputy chief minister. However, no official party has yet opened its mouth about this.