Women lead the development in a progressive country

A very senior and high level summit, organised by Indian Chamber of Commerce, deliberated on the importance of women’s empowerment in the progress and development of industry and business in this new India.
Ms. Aishwarya Bansal, Co-founder of Smartworld Developers – a leading real estate company of India – led the proceedings with a riveting and excellent speech on the role of women in industry today. As a live and stirring case, Ms. Bansal’s own involvement in the real estate industry and her important contribution to the digitisation and innovation of Smartworld Developers is an outstanding example of woman power!
The prominent speakers included the well known and highly regarded Ms. Rekha Sharma, Chairperson – National Commission for Women and Mr. Dheeraj Puri, Co-Chairman – ICC Northern Regional Council, representing the international scenario – the most vocal and powerful advocates of women empowerment not only in their respective countries but for all women across the globe – were H.E. Ms. Mariana Pacheco, Ambassador of Colombia, H.E. Ms. Ina H. Krisnamurthi, Ambassador of Indonesia and H.E. Ms. Pattarat Hongtong, Ambassador of Thailand.
“Women’s empowerment and gender equality is essential to global progress”: Antonio Guterres, UN General-Secretary.
“This was really a well organised event by ICC. I am impressed by the prominent speakers and what they had to say” – Simran Bakshi, Educationist – Bakshi Group of Companies, Central Park.
After the keynote speakers and the special guests of honour had addressed the audience, a panel discussion was held with notable women activists. The main theme of the discussion centered around the fact that the progress of a country is not possible until the women are given equal status. They must be treated at par with their male counterparts. Their contribution to their respective fields needs to be acknowledged and applauded. Women also need to be provided equal opportunities in every arena.
Women all over the world have proven themselves as competent as the men. In every sphere of life, women have had to face countless challenges. But, despite all these obstacles and difficulties, women have proved their mettle in a male-dominated society.
Mr. Debmalya Banerjee, Regional Director of ICC, and an organiser of the event commented: “The Constitution of India recognizes gender equality. From the Preamble to Fundamental Rights to Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP), all these constituent elements of the Constitution promote a gender just and egalitarian society. The Constitution also empowers the State to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women. The state has also tried to bring about more significant involvement of women in Science and Technology. It includes motivating girls to take up science and technology for higher education, involving women in development projects that focus on scientific and technical inputs, developing scientific temperament right from childhood by inculcating value based scientific education.”
Simran Bakshi, an educationist who has set up schools, commented: “Education is the most vibrant factor of advancement and growth. It is the only significant tool for anticipating women empowerment and human resource development in India. It gives light to the possibilities for access to employment and earning a livelihood, which in turn provides economic empowerment to women. In order to join the community of developed countries, people should understand the value and importance of women’s education and make combined efforts to put India on a progressive track. Education makes the individual conscientious, enabling one to comprehend, interpret, criticize and eventually transform their environment. It results in the accession of an abundance of skills that heighten a person’s enthusiasm and her proficiency to shape life in a better form.”
“It is commendable that companies like ‘Smartworld Developers’ are taking the women’s empowerment revolution seriously in our country. Such initiatives will go a long way in improving the economy of our country“: commented Dheeraj Puri, ICC Co-Chairman, Northern Regional Council. He further added: “We at ICC were delighted to have Summit Chair-ICC Women Summit, Ms. Aishwarya Bansal with us. She led the way with the confidence and strength of a true woman leader and industry role model!”