Man killed in Gelatin blast at quarry site laden car exploded in Ramanagara

Yogesh K Porwar.Avanth Kumar Kankaria


A 48 year old man was killed after the gelatin sticks laden car he was driving exploded near Marale Gavi Mutt in Kanakapura on Monday evening.

The explosion was so high that the entire area was echoed in the entire area and the villagers panicked with the blast sound.

The deceased has been identified as Mahesh,a resident of Kanakapura and was working as a mining tools dealer.

Police said that he was driving the car when the explosion took place and due to the impact his body was torn into pieces which were found a few meters away from the car.

The car mangled and completely gutted down making it difficult for the police for some time to identify the make of the car.

Initial probe revealed that the deceased was taking the gelatin sticks was being transported to the crushing site reportedly belonging to the Marale Gavi Mutt where a lot of labourers were working and the incident took place a few meters away from the quarry averted a major disaster.

The Sathanur police rushed to the spot along with senior police officers including Ramanagara SP, Girish.

We have initiated investigations to ascertain the reason behind the deceased carrying gelatine sticks in the car without precautionary measure.

According to a senior police officer,the road was uneven and because of the friction between the gelatine sticks could have caused the blast.

However further investigations are on to ascertain the exact reason behind the blast.This is the third incident related to a gelatine blast reported in the state this year.

As many as a dozen people were killed in two separate incidents of gelatin stick explosions in Shivamogga and Chikkaballapur.

Previous incidents:Feb 2021: six people were killed while trying to dispose of gelatine sticks at a stone quarry site in Hirenagavalli village in Chikkaballapur district.

The deceased employees of the quarry carrying gelatine sticks used for blasting rocks to conceal them in the forest area nearby,fearing police raids.

Jan 2021: A truck carrying explosives meant for blasting stones at the quarry exploded killing six people in Hunasodu village in Shivamoga district.